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house maid

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Guest mikro137

ok why is teh word mook and the word toy always brought up in the same thread? leave the fat ass alone :lol: j/k bro...


yeah that shit over tlok burns him , fa real i swert to you it does! :lol: yes im kidding...

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Giving midwest a bad ass name..


Once I get the Twin Cities thread up..


Burners of the Midwest, Minnesota Style

Shock One





Lotus 1.2


TWC Crew

UC Crew

ISK Crew

Ewok HM



Just to name a few.


Toys of Minnesota

Skyer FST

the WK crew

Fake Type-O




Don't let the toys fool you..

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Originally posted by i11igul

that soal isnt quite as bad as the stuff further on up the page and at least its clean

Yeah but this guy's been writing for more than four years. Everyone else on here looks like less than a couple months. He has no talent at all and he starts shit with people he shouldn't be fucking with. Toy forever.
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Wow! First off let me just say big ups to the ld crew for putting up some work of ours(thanks for the publicity-wink). And second, Haha, hold im laughing,alright, second, HOLY SHIT SINK! where the fuck do you get off calling that kid a toy? Youre the biggest fucking joke in stl! That kid could burn you with a can shoved up his ass! You are a toy, realize this, know this, live with this, and have pablo draw a piece for you. Goodbye, and thanks for taking fliks of our shit, we would never have done the same for you. I love you, tell your momma ill be over later. Kisses from the AO crew.. :yum:

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