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AIM Annoyances (now accepting applications)

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Lego'd Ego: scared.


Bearded Lady: of what?


Lego'd Ego: cotton candy

Lego'd Ego: sweet to go

Lego'd Ego: let me see

Lego'd Ego: that tootsie roll


Bearded Lady: hahahah you're such a pimp


Lego'd Ego: to the left to the left

Lego'd Ego: to the right to the right

Lego'd Ego: to the fron to the front

Lego'd Ego: to the back to the bakc


Bearded Lady: i get texas is a bit more behind in the times....

Bearded Lady: guess*


Lego'd Ego: now slide slide

Lego'd Ego: c'mon slide slide

Lego'd Ego: I don't care what you've been told.

Lego'd Ego: let me see

Lego'd Ego: that tootsie roll


Bearded Lady: what a guy


Lego'd Ego: gotta let a hoe be a hoe.

Lego'd Ego: If you afraid to put a hoe in front of a trigger...

Lego'd Ego: then you a hoe ass nigga.


Bearded Lady: hahahahahahahhahaaha

Bearded Lady: omg...

Bearded Lady: ::SLAP!::


Lego'd Ego: you see many cats are blind to the fact

Lego'd Ego: that hoe is gonna be just that.


Bearded Lady: chill...i know u only listen to that southern country B.S.


Lego'd Ego: intelligence is on call


Bearded Lady: pardon me?


Lego'd Ego: you don't treat a hoe like a queen that behaves like a dog.

Lego'd Ego: she fucked you and gave your buddys a blow.


Bearded Lady: i dont need your smart talk skippy


Lego'd Ego: but you trick ass fell in love with a hoe.


Bearded Lady: ::slap::


Lego'd Ego: you you gotta you you you gotta you you gotta you gotta let a hoe be a hoe.


Bearded Lady: you 0wn


Lego'd Ego: haha, you LOVE that shit.


Bearded Lady: I kno right


Lego'd Ego: admit it, don't front just pull up your skirt and show me where you want it.



Bearded Lady: i have on capris you sex symbol.... not a skirt..


Lego'd Ego: hahahaha... yes, you won't be the first to be the one blessed


Bearded Lady: blessed? with what?


Lego'd Ego: with the majick stick, I pulled out and you gave it a lick.


Bearded Lady: ..dont u mean cursed


Lego'd Ego: Hell yea I'm cursed, I got a huge dilz, it can't get much worse than when I'm on blue pills.


Bearded Lady: hahahahahahhaha

Bearded Lady: SIKE!


Lego'd Ego: winner!

Lego'd Ego: <<<


Bearded Lady: more like loser

Bearded Lady: LOSER!

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