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Jose Cuervo

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Originally posted by Kilo7-

Carter Beats The Devil by Glen David Gold

It's fun, exciting, mysterious and a little bit thrilling

without all the sap usually associated with the previously mentioned traits.

It's about a magician in the time of Houdini who gets involved in the

death of a president, the beginings of the secret service and the battle

between magicians to out do each other. Really good reading.


It's one of those 'winter-no-sunlight-need-a-smile' books.

did you paste this from somewhere?

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Originally posted by mapo returns

im surprised you even know how to read.


Hiassen's stuff is great... good portrayal of the lunacy of Southern Florida...


Actually, it's a bummer that 9/11 happened because they were about to release Big Trouble as a movie (which was delayed plus they dumped all the promotion)... too bad really, had a bunch of starts in it...


But, for my money, the best south florida mystery/thriller writer is Les Standiford. This guy writes GREAT books, not as funny as Hiassen but still a good portrayal of Miami and the areas PLUS impossible to put down... Look for his series about 'Deal'... he's got about 6 books with this guy as his main character...

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african authors and their books i like:


Soyinka, Wole: (Nigerean)

The Interpreters . I really liked this book. Set in

nigeria, about living and dealing with the

corruption of society.


Ake : Autobiographical. nigerian style. read to find out more.


Ben okri: (Nigerean)

The Famished Road. i read this in two sittings.

and then again. deals with the mingling of the

spirit world and physical world. azoro is a

spirit-child normally called back to the unliving

world. he decides to live which is a fight.





Sembene Ousmane:( Senegalese) sp?


Gods Bits of Wood: based on real event

surrounding the railworkers strike, in the middle

of a huge frech colonial push to connect Niger

and Dakar by railroad.

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Books I'm reading simultaneously


"Bay of Pigs--the Untold Story" by Peter Wyden (1979)


"The Law" by Frederic Bastiat (1853)


"War Day" by Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka (1984)


'The I.R.A., 1968-2000" by J. Bowyer Bell (2000)


"Alas, Babylon" by Pat Frank (1959) (I re-read this one ever so often.)


"FMFM 6-4 Marine Rifle Company/ Platoon" L.F. Chapman, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps, 1965. (I inherited this from my late brother-in-law's estate, along with all the rest of his military manuals and equipment--it was the manual he used in training for the Vietnam War. Actually, it is a fascinating book. FMFM stands for Fleet Marine Force Manual. Reading it, I'm thinking, "Jack was reading this at Quantico, preparing to go to war in Vietnam...")

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KaBar... if you are KaBar... what do you know of Phil Caputo or Mike Herr?


If nothing, please proceed IMMEDIATELY to a book store and purchace 'Rumor of War' and 'Dispatches" respectively


I meant Herr, not kerr... and truly, posibly the BEST READ IT!

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Already got them


I bought Caputo's "Rumor of War" while I was living in Galveston waiting to ship over to the First Marine Division in 1977. I'm not sure where I got "Dispatches" but it's on my shelf. And BTW, I am KaBar, but the format at 12 oz. would not let me switch ISP's and still keep my old handle. So I added a "2" and said "Fuck it."

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Word, well.. we can fix that (the name thing I mean)... drop me an email or I'll try to lace you up from this side...


yeah, those 2 books are what I would consider the basis of understanding the us soldier psyche (well, journalist in Herr's case but)... very dope.

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more books please


Page Two.


Hey Kabar, Im currently reading The Face of Battle by John Keegan I was wondering if you have ever read it and what you thought of it, at one point in time im not sure now it was a textbook ast West Point.

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thanks for posting a thread like this....it's nice to get away from all the bullshit on other threads....What do people think about David Foster Wallace...I like his style, kinda neurotic...one of my favorite books is The Last Samurai by come lady, although i forgot her name...it helped to know some latin and a germanic before reading, but it's awesome....Requiem by Curtis White is equally good....I once (or twice) read a book called the Butterfly Revolution...kinda simple, but weird totaltarian tones....I dunno...thanks for yer time.





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Guest BROWNer

Re: Books I'm reading simultaneously


Originally posted by KaBar2

"War Day" by Whitley Strieber (1984)


..was that before or after the alien encounters?

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i suggest....


"Pacifism as Pathology"...Ward Churchill


"The Cyclist"....by Viken Berberian

(its not REALLY about cycling)



"Autobiography of a Yogi"....Paramahansa Yogananda



and of course..."Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance", I know thats been mentioned already...




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I've never read The Face of Battle. Any good? Must be, if you mentioned it on here. I'll see if the library has it.


I'm not sure if "War Day" was written before or after "Alien Encounters." (Is that a book, a movie or an occurance?)


I really like threads like these, and also " good movie" threads, too.

I'm going to start a thread about digital video. I bet a bunch of you guys have either been to film school, or took some sort of broadcast radio-video-TV-film classes in college. Anybody? Recommend a good DV book?

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Guest BROWNer

all 3. strieber wrote a book called 'communion' in which he

details his claims to have been visited by aliens..not once,

but many many times since childhood. he even takes

the lie detector. and..they made a movie about it, with

strieber being played by chris walken.

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good stuff....

some books that i particularly like that have been mentioned:

caputo's rumor of war

dostoevsky's brothers k (like 7 years ago i went crazy and read everything that i could find that the dude ever wrote, especially the big ones, demons, house of the dead, brothers k, crime & punishment, but all the smaller joints too)--- anyway brothers k crushed me when i finished it. truly beautiful, and i have a strong anti-fiction slant unless it's superb...easily his obra maestra, but yo, it's like a tour de france of a book- long, tough, beautiful with plenty of mountains to climb....


right now i'm reading all of the following:

blum et al's killing hope

la historia del cantante hector lavoe

noticia de un secuestro- marquez

drown- junot diaz (my sis gave it to me--- i'm skeptical, but it's ok so far)


some 12oz summer tears recommendations:

for the non-fiction socially conscious types:

Ain't No Makin' It- Jay Macleod is a 1st year sociological text for a lot of the lefty academic institutions, but it's an amazing read. basically a story of inner city aspiration and expectation among two divergent groups of boston project kids...

freire's pedagogy of the oppressed- a must read if you are interested in education--- not easy summer reading though

hitchens' the trial of henry kissinger- scathing. nuff said...


historically based:

mailer's armies of the night- great book about the author's experience at the 67 dc vietnam protest march (try executioner's song by norman mailer too)


fiction (these are summer recs- all from the past because unfortunately reading most fiction feels like a waste of life these days for me- i wish i didn't feel that way):

brautigan- trout fishing in america

not a kerouac fan but "vanity of delouz" is interesting

ellison's invisible man is key

used to like carver


man, i need to read some fiction, it's summer, shit...

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well if you've just learnt to read...


JG Ballard The Atrocity Exhibition

James Joyce Finnegans Wake


god i'm funny. :rolleyes:


but seriously, the last two books i've read have been biographys, one of the photographer Walker Evans by James R Mellow, and one of french actor/artist/nutcase Antonin Artaud by someone whose name escapes me. the Evans one was really good, but unfortunately the author died before he completed it, so the last decade of Evans's life is summarized from notes. bit of an anti-climax.

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