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A nice fat CIGAR.

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I'm turnng 18 in 3 days, and planned on buying a nice fat cigar to celebrate. I've smoked them before of course, but I never payed attention to the brands my friends had purchased. I don't want to walk into the store also sounding liek I don't know what I'm talking about. So what's a nice tasting, fat, and not too expensive cigar. Can't wait.




Post #187, best watch out, I'll murder you biotch!!!

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you know, getting over 1000 posts was kind of odd. It was similar in a way to turning 20. You're not quite 21 but at the same time you are no longer a teen ager. I'm just excited to get to my next status bump.


Not being a cigar conniseur it probably doesn't matter what you buy. If you want something good get something in the around $10 range.

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swisher sweets,black and milds. here a single of either is under a buck. also if you want a quality cigar, back in the day they had a cigar and ciggarette brand called capones. as in al capone. its a coniac dipped cigar/ciggarette. damn good if you can find them. damn better if you can get them cheap.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Fuck no, flavored cigars are the wackness fantastic. Don't get swishers or Thompsons or anything that's been dipped... they'll taste good for the first few puffs and then it just becomes a festival of flavor retardedness.


My #1 recommendation for what you want would be a Romeo y Julieta Medallas de Oro 1875 Churchill. These guys come in nice glass tubes, have tons of flavor without being too strong, and are nice and hefty. The price should be around $6-8.


#2 would be a Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur, any of the larger sizes. These are milder than the RyJ and don't have as much taste, but they have a loose draw that pulls in a shitload of smoke and will make you look ultra blingtastic. Price is the same as above.


#3 would be a Punch Rare Corojo Doble Corona. These are a bit stronger than the two above, but they're wrapped in maduro leaves so the flavor is more pronounced. They can make you lightheaded though, if you don't have a nice meal beforehand.


If not any of those, just get a giant damn stick at the cigar shop, any brand. This winter I smoked a Sabor Cubano that wasn't exactly a great cigar, but it was 11" long and it looked absolutely ridiculous. Maybe that's the best choice. Beer,


El Mamerro

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