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Guest BROWNer


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Guest BROWNer

here is a series of short videos documenting one aspect of

the much larger control system that exists, not exclusively,

in the united states. i would appreciate if

people would take the time to watch/read everything posted

before weighing in with your adjudications on the plausibility

of such claims and/or the facts. the mind isz informative.


*you will need quicktime to view hi quality streaming videos presented below.




brief history/origins of mind science projects in the US


the video link below traces the history of top-secret CIA mind control operation MK-ULTRA: from the covert importation of NAZI scientists at the end of WWII, to the illegal brainwashing experiments conducted on the patients of world famous psychiatric researcher, Dr. Ewen Cameron...


windows broadband

windows lowband

mac broadband




the most dangerous game: the trailer


"Originally created for executives at one of the largest and most respected US cable networks, GNN's trailer for The Most Dangerous Game developed into a cult hit all on its own. With its uncannily mysterious protagonists and controversial subject matter, the film looked like a good bet for a late night slot in the powerful documentary division. Especially after the network invested cash and sent some its top producers down to Tennessee to shoot the riveting medical examination that was to form the basis for the film's climax.



However, after reviewing the trailer and holding several discussions about the film's potential, GNN was told that the feature would not be financed . The reason? The subject matter was too marginal in interest for the network's core audience. Not an unrealistic conclusion. Ironically, after the network passed on the deal to develop the content into a feature film, the trailer began to circulate discreetly, among industry insiders, many of whom have commented on the high level of intrigue that is created by the trailer itself.



This page features most of the assets that were generated for the network pitch. Included among them are the original treatment written for the project as well as the interviews with both Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, who authored TranceFormation of America, a cult hit amongst the conspiracy set. We recommend that viewers read the treatment(see below) before watching any of the video clips, as it will fill in much of what is not covered there. The interview with Dr. Colin Ross may also be of interest for those who want to delve deeper into the subject of Dissociative Identity Disorder and the viability of Cathy's claims. He is considered America's foremost expert in that realm.



GNN has put this project on hold for now. But regardless of whether the film project goes any further, it will be developed into a text-based story revolving around director Stephen Marshall's experiences researching the story and going on the road with Mark and Cathy."



Film Treatment


It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free -

to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive,

compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national

state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act.


The nature of psychological compulsion

is such that those who act under constraint remain

under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative.

The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim.

To him the walls of his prison are invisible,

and he believes himself to be free.

That he is not free is apparent only to other people.

His servitude is strictly objective.


Aldous Huxley

Brave New World Revisited






Since the traumatic events of September 11, American media has been gripped by a succession of high-profile tragedies and scandals that have shaken the faith we hold in our most hallowed institutions. From:



1. the Catholic Church’s ever deepening sexual abuse scandal, and


2. the Bush Administration’s tacit suppression of a wide-scale enquiry into the Enron bankruptcy, to


3. the most recent controversy generated by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s call for a major investigation into possible government foreknowledge of the September 11 terrorist attacks,



the American public has become increasingly exposed to information that, in some way or another, has irrevocably begun to sow seeds of doubt about those who hold positions of power. And, while some people react with an awakened sense of critical thinking, others fall into a sense of desperate, urgent nationalism. One need only venture onto the internet and its many-faceted on-line communities to discover how vast and tangible a gap is developing between those who question and those who do not.



It is in this climate of widespread uncertainty that we bring forward one of the most shocking and, potentially, politically injurious stories of abuse of power ever to be told in the public domain. And while, for most, the allegations contained therein will only trigger reactions of disgust, skepticism and ridicule, for others they will offer the remote possibility of validation that we are being lied to on the most wide-reaching of scales. Regardless of which individual sensibility our story appeals to most, it will offer its viewer a journey into the dark recesses of the mind and its mysterious capacity for delusion and self-created fantasy in such a way that they will be forced to question their own perception of ‘reality’ and what ‘truth’ it has been founded upon…






The Most Dangerous Game documents the life story of Cathy O’Brien, the alleged survivor of a multi-generation incest-abusive family. Throughout her childhood in Muskegon, Michigan, (she was born in 1957) Cathy claims, she was subjected to the sexual abuse not only of her father and uncles but also by local politicians, law enforcement officers and Catholic priests from the St. Francis de Sales Church. Even more horrific are Cathy’s accounts of being used in pornographic films that, at times, included the use of animals or ‘bestial’ exploitations.



Furthermore, Cathy contends, when her father was busted for selling child pornography (specifically, a bestiality film involving Cathy and a family dog), he was approached by a high level politician who offered him immunity in exchange for ‘selling’ his daughter into a top secret mind control program that actively sought children who were victims of sexual abuse. The reason she was ‘chosen’, Cathy explains, is because these victims of abuse would already be perfect candidates for creating ‘split’ personalities, a now proven aspect of the covert mind control programs run by the CIA and its various off-shoots. This aspect of her story is a complex, yet vital component of our film, and thus deserves a brief explanation:



The condition that Cathy speaks of in her book refers to the neural compartmentalization that occurs in the mind when it is subjected to “trauma too horrible to comprehend.” In other words, the mind creates a form of bio-electrical barrier between its functioning elements and those which contain the memory of the abuse. This condition, formally known as Multiple Personality Disorder, is now referred to as ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder’ (DID) by the American Psychiatric Association.



Dr. Colin Ross is one of the foremost experts in the realm of DID. In his definitive 1997 textbook Dissociative Identity Disorder: Diagnosis, Clinical Features, and Treatment of Multiple Personality, Dr. Ross explains that there are four pathways to DID. Primary among those are cases that arise as:



“a natural response to severe, chronic childhood abuse, which may include any combination of physical, sexual, emotional and verbal abuse.”



Historical documentation - specifically those gathered from FOIA requests - of CIA mind control experiments also bear out the fact that a complex apparatus of secret agencies were created in order to conduct unsanctioned testing on unwitting human subjects. Many of these so-called MK-ULTRA operations were investigated and further substantiated as fact during the 1977 Congressional Church Committee hearings.



With this historical and clinical context as a framework, we return to the story of Cathy O’Brien.



Trance Formation of America



Cathy O’Brien claims to have been sold by her father, around 1964, into a top-secret mind control operation named Project Monarch. In Monarch, Cathy alleges, her life became devoted entirely to a hi-tech form of trauma-based mind control programming, or the creation of multiple personalities, for the purposes of espionage, message delivery and prostitution. She claims that the local Michigan politician who initially brought her into the program was “Jerry” Ford and that primary among her abusers was Dick Cheney, who was to become President Ford’s Chief of Staff. Furthermore, Cathy alleges that as she progressed in the program, taking on increasingly sensitive missions, she was also exposed to the abuse and sexual exploitation of a succession of political leaders, including Robert C. Byrd, George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan.



It was not until 1988 that, Cathy claims, she was ‘rescued’ by a former intelligence insider, Mark Phillips. According to their account of the story, Phillips risked his personal security and financial stability to save Cathy and her daughter from the conditions of their mind control existence.



In 1995 Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips, self-published a book entitled Trance Formation of America that documents, in complex detail, the abuse she allegedly suffered while under the jurisdiction of Project Monarch. While, at first, the book represented yet another installation on the sub-cultural ‘conspiracy’ fringe, it has now entered its 11th printing as has been distributed to over 50 countries via homegrown booksellers and such heavily trafficked on-line retailers as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com.



Though the immediate reaction of most people to Cathy’s story is one of revulsion and disbelief, those instinctual responses are consistently challenged once they have come face-to-face with her. Whether she is speaking from the lit podium of a conference hall or in the serene tranquility of nature, Cathy comes across as a supremely honest and integral soul.



As any person who has attempted to deconstruct the ‘myth’ of her ‘delusions’ will confirm, meeting Cathy O’Brien is an uncannily beautiful and unsettlingly normal experience. Even the most hard-edged skeptic is suddenly left without the sharp dagger of critical enthusiasm that they brought with them. Instead of finding a delusional, attention-seeking con artist, they discover an enlightened spirit who does not crave anything but the innate beauty of human contact.



She is a total mystery.



An enigma of such epic proportion that one cannot help but clamor for either the complete validation of her claims or the absolute dismissal of them.



And in this we find the premise and intention behind our production of The Most Dangerous Game.


Approach: Wide-Angle



Through the deployment of a new approach to documentary film-making, simply called X-Doc, The Most Dangerous Game seeks to embark on a journey that defies the traditional modus operandi of investigative journalism. Because we, as film-makers, understand from the outset that we may never come across a so-called smoking gun that validates Cathy’s story, it is imperative that we endeavor to create an experience that takes viewers into a realm beyond that of mere factual analysis.



Somewhere in between the halls of justice and the doors of perception…



So that after each side of the argument has been presented, our audience has come one step closer to understanding that we are all, in some way, by some means, under a form of ‘mind control’. Whether it is imposed on us from an external source or by our own need to protect ourselves from the reality of a world that has seemingly become totally unglued. And that, whether or not they buy into Cathy’s depiction of a secret global dictatorship, administrated by a drug-abusive, pedophiliac core of politicians and handlers, they will have been offered a glimpse of the ways in which power exercises its will on the public-at-large.



Approach: Close-Up


The Most Dangerous Game will aspire to be, in some way, a form of homage to the complexity of the mind and all its myriad versions of ‘reality’. Just as we follow Mark and Cathy through the mezzanine layers of their story and all the characters who have assembled to corroborate its veracity, so too will our cameras lead us to those who not only doubt the validity of Trance Formation of America, but believe that its authors are involved in a major form of ‘disinformation’ campaign. The following is an abridged list of potential interview subjects :



Friends of Cathy O’Brien


Cathy O’Brien has been telling her story in the public domain since 1994. Over the course of that period, she has amassed a relatively strong group of believers and ardent supporters. While we will film interviews with some attendees to her lectures, the main focus of our documentary will center on those who have played an active role in her mission to spread the message contained in Trance Formation of America.



Mark Phillips – former intelligence operative and Cathy O’Brien’s husband. Mark was involved in a business partnership with Cathy’s alleged handler/husband Alex Houston. It was after a tip-off from Chinese intelligence, he claims, that he was made aware of Cathy’s condition and attempted to rescue her.



Scott Rosenburg – the former Tennessee state prosecutor (and current juvenile court judge) who, upon seeing the level of suspicion surrounding her case, reversed his personal position on Cathy’s story and came to her aid.



Larry Becraft – Alabama-based federal attorney who has acted as consultant and advisor to Cathy and Mark since 1995.



Mind Control Experts



The field of mind control research is one of the most complex in the realm of clinical science. Not only are there a vast array of competing perspectives, but it has also been ascertained that some authors are actually CIA plants, working to obscure certain aspects of the Agency’s mind control operation. For the purposes of The Most Dangerous Game, we have condensed our list of expert interviewees to some of the most prolific and/or highly recommended sources. Tapping their knowledge base, we will shed some light on the medical validity of Cathy’s alleged condition as well as the history of CIA mind control experimentation.


Dr. Colin Ross - Dissociative Identity Disorder: Diagnosis, Clinical Features, and Treatment of Multiple Personality Dr. Harvey Weinstein - Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control Christopher Simpson - The Science of Coercion Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Opton Jr - The Mind Manipulators John Marks – The Search for the Manchurian Candidate Linda Hunt - Secret Agenda: The U.S. Government, Nazi Scientists and Project Paperclip Adam Parfrey – Publisher: Feral House John Grinder, Richard Bandler - Tranceformations



Alleged Abusers



While the list of Cathy’s alleged abusers is long and incredibly detailed, we have chosen to limit the pursuit of on-camera interviews to: members of her immediate family (parents, 2 sisters and 4 brothers), her two alleged CIA handler/husbands and their families, and certain individuals whom she has accused of complicity in or knowledge about her abuse who are no longer in the military or political office. This list is long but of foremost interest will be former Department of Defense Lt. Col. (and founder of the Satanic Temple of Set) Michael Aquino and former Sandanista leader, Daniel Ortega.



Critics of Mark and Cathy



Even though Trance Formation of America has remained off the radar of mainstream media publications, there are several authors who have written extensive reports on what they consider to be lies and distortions perpetrated by the book’s existence. Most prolific among them is:



Martin Cannon - Project Monarch: The Tangled Web


Robert Sterling – founder of Konformist.com



We will also pursue interviews with representatives of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (specifically Martin T. Orn and Ralph Underwager PhD ) and, obviously, any person named in the book who wants to comment on the story.



Official Corroboration


Finally, we will seek to procure interviews with public and private investigators who have unearthed evidence that corroborates Cathy O’Brien’s story. Of those who we have ascertained as credible sources, the following three are most noteworthy:



John DeCamp – former Nebraska State Senator and currently a federal attorney. DeCamp investigated the widespread allegations of pedophilia and Satanic trauma inflicted on children in the Omaha, Nebraska region. His book, The Franklin Cover-Up, documents the testimonies of over ten children who named major political figures as abusers.



Ted Gunderson – former FBI officer and investigator of the Franklin Cover-Up who has amassed riveting documentation of U.S. intelligence agency and law enforcement complicity in the broader child abuse and trauma-based mind control networks.



Valerie Wolf – a New Orleans therapist who testified with her patients (in 1995) that they had “been part of an extensive CIA brainwashing program as young children their brainwashing included torture, rape, electroshock, drugs, hypnosis and death threats.” They further testified that the CIA then induced amnesia to prevent their recalling anything that really happened.



Echelon – a wealthy businessman who, through his own personal exposure to the program, spent seven years of his life researching and tracking a similar operation to that of Monarch. His testimony has been filmed “in shadow”.



Kelly O’Brien - Cathy’s only child, Kelly, was allegedly born into a world of brutal sexual abuse and high-level mind control programming. In 1989, a year after Mark Phillips brought the Cathy and Kelly to Alaska in order to recover from the abuse of their ‘handlers,’ Kelly had to be institutionalized due to a resurfacing of programming that caused deep psychological trauma as well as a form of respiratory failure. She was subsequently never released from state care. After being moved back to Tennessee, the alleged site of some of the most horrific mind control operations, Cathy fought to regain custody of her but were blocked by a judge who, they claim, stated that laws did not apply in their case “due to reasons of national security”.



Kelly is now living outside of the institutional environment but can still be ‘triggered’ into a medical crisis at the very mention of Cathy’s name or through direct questioning about her alleged abusers. We have spoken to Cathy about interviewing Kelly for the documentary and while she is hesitant to bring about any further pain for Kelly, she remains open to the potential of allowing us to see her.



On the Road with Mark and Cathy


Though The Most Dangerous Game will be feature a series of well-spoken interview subjects, the spine of the film will be a hands-on investigation of Cathy’s claims by the documentary film crew itself. As we follow the duo through the country roads of the southern states that were home to Cathy during her alleged mind control existence, we will visit sites documented in Trance Formation of America as high-level covert drug distribution hubs, trauma-based mind control centers and the local communities where she and her daughter Kelly were ‘kept’.



And yet, even as we journey across America with them in their ominous black sedan, we will also be treading deep into the neural landscape of Cathy O’Brien, herself. In fact, for the average viewer who tunes into this intrinsically unfathomable story, the only point of entry for them will be through Cathy and her recounting of what she remembers. For most, they will only be able to believe her story to the extent that it remains within their own ‘belief threshold. Thus, The Most Dangerous Game will seek to perish the boundaries of what we have come to understand as ‘truth’ and ‘delusion’ by building a visual fabric unlike anything presented by a documentary film in the history of the genre.



The Most Dangerous Game: The Trailer:





Interview with Mark Phillips

Part 1




Part 2




Interview with Cathy O'brian




The Berkeley Forum




additional footage of mark and cathy here.

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Guest BROWNer

Interview with Dr. Ross Pt. 1


Dr. Colin A. Ross

Author, Clinician, Founder

Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma



Stephen Marshall: Dr. Ross when did you first become involved in the research and study of mind control?



Dr. Colin. A. Ross: I was involved in Multiple Personality Disorder for 13 years before I became interested in mind control. I diagnosed my first case of MPD while a medical school student in 1979. I saw one more case as I was training to be a psychiatrist. Then I started seeing cases in late 1985 into 1986 and became a regional and then national expert in Canada, I was based in Winnipeg at a medical school. I published my first book on MPD in 1989 and by the time I moved to Dallas in late 1991 I had published quite a few papers and had done lots of consultations. But I had no experience with mind control, no real interest in it, and hadn’t heard or read about it.



Early in 1992, patients started telling me stories about, basically, either on military bases, in hospitals, or in laboratory-like settings, having experiments done on them which involved EEG equipment, various types of equipment, and people in white lab coats and so on. The purpose of the experiments was to create new personalities, basically to create Manchurian candidates. So of course I wondered whether some of this was real or most of it or none of it or all of it. What I did was decide to split two things into two, how to do treatment and an investigation into mind control. My study of mind control hasn’t really affected the principles by which I do treatment, kind of a separate track of investigation and interest.



Marshall: So, as you moved forward with your own research and investigation and your own approach to methods of treatment, what was the reaction of the mainstream medical profession to this research? Did they believe that this phenomenon was occurring? ‘Cause there has been this whole question as to whether there was suddenly an outbreak of MPD or, if it’s something that has always been latent in the human mind…



Dr. Ross: Well that’s a big area of controversy and there are people who take extreme positions on basically everything in psychiatry, including multiple personalities. Some people think it’s a fad that broke out in the 80’s and that it’s extremely rare and non-existent. And other people think that it has been common throughout human history, just taking different forms.



So multiple personalities, which is the group I belong to, then is just another form of various kinds of ‘possession states’. Being inhabited by various spirits, demons, and it’s a general capacity of the human mind to, all of a sudden, begin behaving as if some other entity or being is in charge of your body. Then later on you come back and may have no memory or partial memory or full memory of what went on. Human beings have been doing that behavior throughout all cultures throughout history. And it seems that the phenomenon of multiple personalities is harnessing that ability of the mind to cope with trauma. There is good evidence now from increasing number of studies in countries that MPD exists worldwide and it’s sometimes over-diagnosed but most often it is under-diagnosed, by far.



Marshall: Interestingly, the first book I came in contact with as far as your work is concerned was Blue Bird: The Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists. I have to admit the first time I saw the title, I was like… I mean, the title itself speaks volumes about the nature of the work you have undertaken for yourself. The idea that someone might actually deliberately create a multiple personality is so intense. Could you talk about that for a second, I mean, when did you come across the notion that this might be occurring and can you elaborate or describe the kind of medical mind-set that would inspire people to begin this type of work?



Dr. Ross: In 4 years of medical school, 4 years of psychiatry training, I basically had no instructions on child sexual abuse or its consequences. Absolutely zero. No seminars, no lectures, no exam questions, no handouts, no case conferences, absolutely no training of any kind. It was just not a subject. In fact, the main textbook of psychiatry used in North America at that time is still the comprehensive textbook of psychiatry. So I used a 1983 edition and it’s basically the bible of North American Psychiatry and it’s 3000 and something pages long. In there, is half a paragraph talking about how uncommon incest is in North America and there is a reference to a 1955 study saying that it is one family out of a million. That was basically the status of psychiatry, incest is so incredibly rare you’re never going to see it and you don’t need to talk about it, let’s move on to things more relevant.



That was 1980 and, of course, what is actually true is that incest, child sexual abuse, and child physical abuse are very common. Incest does not occur in one out of a million, it’s more than one family out of a hundred. So psychiatry was out by a factor literally of 10,000. So that was a big lesson… that world psychiatry could take a position on something and say its non-existent when actually it’s very common. And that’s a lesson I learned from that, then in the second half of the 1980’s, again I was not interested in cults, Satanism, or sacrifice or things like that particularly. Then all of a sudden therapists in North America working with multiple personalities started hearing all these stories about involvement in satanic cults and human sacrifice. With no kind of context or background, no training or guidelines, on how to think about it or do about it, so I wrote a book which was published in 1995 called Satanic Ritual Abuse: Principles of Treatment. To write this book I pretty much read everything there is to read on satanic rituals abuse, which is not that much. That included investigative reports, all kinds of different articles, books, and so on. The more energy I put into it and more I looked into it, the more I was just chasing shadows. So you could never come up with concrete specific evidence that there was human sacrifice going on anywhere. And it was just this kind of stumbling through the fog grasping at shadows, never getting any substance or reality. That taught me that you can be hearing a whole lot of stories from patients but you can never verify any of it, which is kind of the opposite lesson that I had learned about incest.



Then, in 1992, all of a sudden I start hearing these stories about what sounded like military intelligence mind control. And I’m trying to figure out: ‘Now is this going to be like incest?’ Where there was a whole lot of it going on and has to be brought out of the closet or is it going to be like satanic ritual abuse where you end up with no proof?’



The thing I found was the more books I read (and I got 15,000 pages of documents from the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act), the more I looked into it, the more reality there was. Then I basically started a process of getting the references from one book and going to the library and finding those references and then looking at their references and tracking reference to reference to reference. Also going to the medical journals from the 1950’s and 1960’s and taking out the lead medical journals and looking through every issue to see either whom the author was or what the subject of the paper was. Because I was tracking certain authors and looking for studies on LSD, studies on sensory deprivation and so on. I just basically built up this huge network of facts and interconnections between mind control experimentation doctors’ which equals psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, and psychologists. It became a vast web of documented facts involving all the major medical schools and most of the leading figures in psychiatry.



Marshall: From what I understand and I hope you will correct me and elaborate this perspective, the idea is that multiple personality is a mind’s protection against events or memories that are very traumatic for it. In fact it is a survival mechanism in which the mind, or brain, erects a bio-electrical barrier to protect itself from the memory of the trauma. Is that a correct way of thinking about it and could you explain to us a little more about how that occurs, because it sounds fascinating?



Dr. Ross: Like everything in the mind and the brain, the amount we understand is about .00-something percent of what there is to understand. And, basically, I’d say that for everything that is going on in the mind, there is simultaneously something going on in the electro-magnetic field of the brain.



That’s kind of obvious, there has to be.



So when there is amnesia, there is going to be some sort of electro-magnetic correlation to that. Exactly what that is I don’t know but I’ve watched EEG’s being run on people where there is a main person, then they switch to a child, then they switch to an adolescent personality with different characteristics. And the EEG print out is tremendously different; it’s obvious at a glance how dramatically different it is.



That’s an area of research that needs a lot more tightening and a lot more documentation. But I would say, with the evidence we have so far, it’s pretty much for certain, not totally locked down, that when people with multiple personalities switch from one personality to another, there is a change in the electro-magnetic field in the brain that, say, an actor can not make happen. Obviously, if you watch Hollywood movies you can tell actors can do very good jobs of providing a picture of multiple personalities that looks very real. But when you do an EEG on those people it doesn’t change as it would with a real patient. There are a few papers like that and a lot more research is needed… but I think we have enough evidence to pretty well conclude that’s the case. There is something internally real about it even though it’s not literally ‘real’.



Which is something that occurs with auditory hallucinations - when you hear voices - whether if it’s with schizophrenia or multiple personalities. All of these scanning studies that have been done now on people who are hearing voices, its clear that the brain is behaving as if it’s actually hearing a voice.



So it’s not just a fantasy.



There is actually, in the reality, of the brain, the voice that is ‘heard’ . But it is also a hallucination, and it is as real as the voice of a real person, it terms of the part of the brain lighting up. So we have to get away from this question of: Is it real or not real?’.



I have a term I call the Central Paradoxes of Multiple Personality Disorder, which is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder. The Central Paradox is it’s both real and not real at the same time. So you have to not get hung up on, I don’t believe in that: ‘it’s not possible, it can’t be real’, because it isn’t in fact literally real. There aren’t a whole bunch of little men running around in somebody’s brain, but it is very internally subjectively real.



Marshall: So let’s get to Blue Bird and the research, there is so much in this book… people just need to read it for themselves. First of all what was it like when you first, talking as a doctor, what was it like when you first came across it? What was your reaction to the idea that there were actually people deliberately creating multiple personalities? Then describe some of the actual experiments and the methodology they enacted to create these types of medical and psychological states.



Dr. Ross: I kind of got prepared for it with satanic cult phenomenon, because I had already spent 3 or 4 years everyday of my professional life going: ‘Could this be real, could any of it be real? How’s it possible?’ Because the people that described cult experiences were describing members of the cult deliberately creating personalities. So I already had obsessed, thought, and ruminated about this for a number of years in the context of satanic cults before the mind control came up. I certainly had lots of experience with documented cases of pretty extreme sexual abuse of patients by very disturbed out of control doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists. It didn’t really surprise me that doctors and therapists could be doing something even more extreme than I had heard about. I put it into the context also of Nazi Germany and human atrocities throughout history. The craziness and the destructiveness of the things I was finding out about, when you put them in the context of Nazi Germany, wars, domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, it’s not that far out of the range of a lot of things that have gone on in history. That helped me drop down my incredulity factor.



But the most amazing thing about it intellectually was… the more I looked into it, the more connections I found. Here is this doctor and I go to read a paper and low and behold he is the co-author of this doctor who I found about by some other line of investigation. Then I would find that these two other doctors are together, then I’d find that the second doctor was also at the same university as this other doctor. And just building up all these connections and seeing how it wasn’t just a couple of rogue scientists or mad scientists in a basement or a couple of deviant people here and there. It was a whole network of interconnected academics mostly who were editors of leading journals, chairman of departments of psychiatry at Yale, Harvard, and UCLA and people who are presidents of the American Psychiatry Association, getting lifetime awards from the American Psychiatric Association. The grandfathers of psychiatry all involved in this, all- knowledgeable about it, some with and without top secret clearance levels. But it was something that was known in the profession, it was generally known yet there was not a word about it. It’s kind of like sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. As we are finding out today, all these leaders in the Catholic Church knew perfectly well that all this sexual abuse was going on, but did they ever mention it, talk about it, or do anything about it, no. Same with mind control experimentation, which is wildly in violation of the Geneva Convention and all ethical codes. Highly harmful, no informed consent, and no follow up, it was just business as usual within psychiatry.



Marshall: Could you describe a couple of examples of experiments that were done to create multiples, maybe some of the more successful or extreme ones?



Dr. Ross: Well, part of the problem is that when you get to the most sophisticated Manchurian candidate experiments, they are described somewhat vaguely. This whole thing is in a pyramid shaped hierarchy. Where creation of the Manchurian candidate is up at the summit and at the lower levels of the pyramid there are all kinds of investigations, of all kinds of things, which are all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle on how to create a Manchurian candidate; which is an artificial multiple personality for use in missions and operations. So you will see one person working on use of LSD in interrogation, another person working on hypnosis, and another person working on sensory deprivation. Some of these people are just regular academics that were doing grants and then some have top secret clearance and know that it is either CIA or military intelligence experimentation. Then the people on the next layer up are taking some of the pieces and putting them together in the same experiment.



So an example at that level would be a man named Amadeo Maratzi who worked at Edgeware Arsenal for a period of time in Maryland. Which is a big biological, chemical, and psychological warfare weapons development center. He was at the University of Minnesota later where he had a grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, which is published in the medical literature. You can just go to the medical school library and photocopy it and the paper includes the acknowledgment that it was funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. What he did, basically, he got subjects and put them in an Ames Leaf room. An Ames Leaf room was a room first built by a guy named Ames who was funded by the Office of Naval Research. Basically it’s an 8 by 12 cubicle box open at one end. The subject sits just inside the box so that he can’t see outside and all he can see is the walls, the walls are all lined with leaves, leaves that have been pasted all over the walls. The subject wears goggles with a special kind of lens called Nisaconic lenses, which was also developed by Ames and related researchers. What these lenses do is distort all the angles. One side of the room the leaves are all big and sticking out, on the other side of the room they seem small and flat. The floor will be sloping up on them at a crazy angle, and the angle of the walls doesn’t fit with the angles of the floor and so on. Then what you do is you see a photograph of the person from behind and they have two little knobs they can turn which adjusts a white bar at the far end of the leaf room. The subject has the bar adjusted where it looks horizontal to him, but it’s actually tilted at quite an angle.



So he’s in the Ames leaf room wearing nisaconic lenses and he’s on LSD. The LSD was supplied by the Air Force. The purpose of this has two aspects. One is – I mean, it’s unbelievable that anyone would ever had done that, but there it is sitting on the shelves of the medical school library. On one hand it’s clever and it’s a part of trying to figure out the uses of LSD in interrogation, mind control, and brainwashing. Then on the other side it’s kind of really stupid because the net conclusion of the research basically was, if you sit in an Ames leaf room wearing nisaconic lenses stoned on LSD, you can’t see straight. I mean it’s all kind of colossally dumb in one sense but these are all pieces of the puzzle when you get to the actual creation of a Manchurian Candidate for use in operations. All those elements are being used but the exact formula basically is still classified.



But it’s really a combination of selecting subjects who are really susceptible. That is, they’re good hypnotic subjects, either highly dissociative, highly trance-prone, and maybe with a trauma history. So you go through some sort of selection/screening procedure to get people who are good for mind control experimentation. Then it’s a combination of good cop/bad cop techniques used on them. Having control of their life space so that they’re either in the military, in a prison, in a mental hospital or they are in some sort camp of some kind… so you have really solid control of who they talk to, who they know, and what they do. A lot of hypnosis, sensory deprivation and isolation, some forms of drugs, which would be either hallucinogens usually, amphetamines, or barbiturates, etc. Then basically you create a new identity, which is not that hard to do in a good hypnotic subject. You create an amnesia barrier between the main part of the person and the hidden identity. Then you insert access codes, which can be either verbal signals, tones over the telephone, hand gestures, or – basically - any kind of signal. This is described very clearly and in great detail in these documents. Then what you do is, say the person is in the Navy and you want to use him as a hypnotic courier. What you do is you bring him into the office and you give him some sort of cover assignment, which is to take some non-classified documents from point A to point B. Then you say to him “the moon is clear” which is the programmed hypnotic signal that switches him to his programmed personality. So now you give the programmed personality classified information.



Marshall: Verbally?



Dr. Ross: Yeah, verbally or you would give them documents to carry, but usually you would give it verbally. Then you switch personalities using another code back to their regular self. He’s amnesic of all that information. He goes to point B and somebody on the receiving end says “ the moon is clear”. He flips to his Manchurian Candidate personality, he delivers the message or information and then you just run it back and reverse again. And these kinds of people can be used for courier assignments, penetration/infiltration assignments or assassination assignments.

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Guest BROWNer

Pt. 2


Stephen Marshall: That sounds like a movie plot. Is that something that was ever done or is that a hypothesis? Has any evidence ever occurred, where these people have actually….



Dr. Colin. A. Ross: The evidence is several things. One (not conclusive but) interesting piece of evidence is the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” which came out in 1959. The basic plot is that there is a group of American GI’s over in Korea where they are captured, interrogated, and brainwashed by Communist Chinese doctors. They come back to the U.S. and they are amnesic of that time period in Manchuria. And one of them has been programmed to assassinate a Presidential candidate. He has handlers stateside, which include Angela Lansbury playing the part of one of the handlers.



There is a cue, which is a playing card, which switches him to his amnesic/assassin identity. So that’s a plot of a movie which is a piece of Hollywood fiction. But one of the CIA documents I got through the Freedom of Information Act is a memo from the early Fifties. Which states explicitly that there is concern that a group of U.S. GI’s may have been subject to mind control while passing through a zone in Manchuria and have amnesia for a period of time they spent in Manchuria.



So, a scenario - almost like the movie proposal - is in a CIA document from five/six years before the movie came out. The basic line of evidence is the CIA documents them selves and publications by a man named G.H. Estabrooks. He describes initially, in a 1943 textbook and then as late as 1971 in a magazine article, of being a contractor during WW2 who created these Manchurian Candidates for the U.S. military. So then the question is: ‘Well is he just bragging, is it bogus, or is it real?



So again I decide to investigate it and my research assistant actually went to his college where his archival material was sitting in four boxes in the library. He looked through the materials and photocopied a bunch of stuff and brought it back and I went through it. I have documentation of correspondence between him and J. Edgar Hoover, spanning from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. His contract with the War Department during WW2, correspondence with numerous other mind control doctors with top secret clearance, seminars he gave at a number of military bases, contact with other members of the FBI, and contact with high ranking members of Canadian and British Intelligence. So there is a whole body of documentation that he really was doing what he said. As far as I am concerned, it’s just a fact that’s out of the realm of personal theory or personal belief or rumor or somebody said they heard that.



It’s just a fact.



Marshall: OK. Let me ask you this. There’s a point where, after having read your book and a lot of the stuff online, we have to arrive at some sort of conclusion about the nature of this research. At some point this must have become a much larger concern… at some point it almost became an issue of… not national security but national interest. Would you say that this is basically the case? That at some point there was this overarching, sort of… agenda conceived at some level that then sought to exercise itself through various compartmentalized medical factions, that this could be exercised. Do you think there was a brain trust, who were seeking at the end of the day to create a technology, which could in someway control the human mind?



Dr. Ross: That again, that’s not a conspiracy theory that’s a fact. How we know that it’s a fact is all the declassified materials. The mind control programs run by the CIA which started in April of 1950, the documented programs… the Korean War didn’t start till June of 1950. So there was offensive and defensive mind control experimentation in place in the CIA before the start of the Korean War. One of the things you hear all the time is that it was just a reaction to interrogation of U.S. pilots during the Korean War. When you look at MK-ULTRA, MK-SEARCH, ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, and a whole series of these projects, it’s 10’s of millions of dollars and that’s just the CIA. Then there are branches of the military that also ran mind control programs. For instance, the General Council for the U.S. Army in 1975, at a Senate Committee hearing, presented a list of 130 different drugs that had been tested in mind control experimentation by the Army alone. This is a big, big, big enterprise, now it’s not big compared to the budget for building aircraft carriers, but it’s either 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars. I would say almost for sure 100’s of millions and probably over a billion, dollar budget, from WW2 to now. That’s the kind of scale we are talking about. So that means lots of bureaucracies, lots of high level people involved, lots of position papers, and lots of infrastructure. This is not just some little, small side program.



Marshall: We talked about this issue of the Manchurian Candidate and the question of why they would even take the risk. Why not use better ways to get people messages, like codes? Why would they have people walking around delivering the stuff? One of the things I thought was, ‘well, it was an interesting mode of experimentation to work with.’ My real question is: do you think that today, 30, 40, 50 years later, since we now know of these operations, do you get the sense that mind control has stopped? Is that true or has it been kept going?


Dr. Ross: It’s highly doubtful that it stopped. Now what was sort of implicit in your question was… that I think one of the things that kept it going was just… the doctor’s kind of got off on it and thought it was interesting and wanted to monkey around with it. The military is going to look into almost anything that has some promise, ‘cause who knows what will come out in 20, 30, 40 years. So 40 years ago there was somebody doing some kind of crazy experiments with some kind of suit that had wires in it for some purpose and now we’ve got some sort of stealth uniform coming up. So the same would be true in mind control. You can invest and look into it because you never know for sure what’s going to come.


Another reason to keep it going from way back to the present is there is the counter intelligence aspect to this. Which is, since mind controlled operatives are being used by opposing intelligence agencies all the time, you need to be able to do reverse engineering on them, so to speak. You need to know how to interrogate them, get through their code, get through their barriers, and figure out how they have been constructed. They have to look for moles, regular spies, and sleepers. But then you have to look for moles, regular spies, and sleepers who are mind controlled who don’t even know they have been planted in their mission setting. That would include Al-Qaeda sleepers in the U.S. today. I think to really be on the ball about combating terrorism we can’t afford to be ignorant about mind control. It’s clear what with all these suicide bombers and so on, there are various levels and degrees of mind control. I’d say, I don’t know this for a fact, but this is just what I think must be true, it must be true that there are sleepers around the world now and not just regular people who know what they are doing.


The reason I don’t think it’s gone away is because of programs like STARGATE that were psychic spying programs where people basically did astral projections to target sights, to gather information. Those were ongoing at least into 1984; that’s declassified and recognized now. And then, non-lethal weapons type experimentation which was a big mind control component, there’s articles in U.S. News and World Report on that kind of technology and on reputable sources on the internet up to the present. There are various kinds of energy beams controlling peoples’ thoughts, memories, and behavior from remote sites using energy beams and electronic methods. That’s all real, for sure, no question, absolutely.



Marshall: In the opening part of a short documentary we did called The Most Dangerous Game, which is the precursor to this. In the opening, one of our interview subjects asserts that the whole realm of mind sciences is the least understood of them all and that, in many ways, it will be the future battle ground. In so many ways I believe that’s true because if you think of the mind, the minds of the people as a form of real estate it’s like a last place, in some ways, that we need to colonize. That those that seek power will try to colonize through the creation of these, what you call, bio-electrical barriers. Do you see it that way or do you think that it’s too much of a sort of overarching plan? Do you think those who do seek to control or to have power in some way will, in the future, try to control masses of people as opposed to just individuals?



Dr. Ross: In ancient China that was the basic operating principle, and ever since. Whoever controls the ideology, controls information, and controls the beliefs and attitudes of the populace, is in control. I don’t think that’s a new or science fiction idea. It’s just that the technology for doing that is going to get fancier, just like all technology. That includes actual physical gadgets for beaming various kinds of energy at people. There’s the listening and surveillance aspects of it and the psychiatric, hypnotic mind control aspects of it.



Marshall: Fascinating.



Dr. Ross: It’s all got to be getting more sophisticated.



Marshall: I’m going to ask you at the end of the interview on how we can combat this, but let me take this in another direction. As you know we are looking at one case study as an entry point to this investigation. It’s a woman’s book, her name is Cathy O’Brien and I wanted to tell you a little bit about what she claims in her book and ask you if there is any potential of this fitting in the modality as you understand as far as mind control is concerned.



Dr. Ross: Let me first say that as you know, I have met Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips once. They came and visited me once and I have read the book. I have watched your documentary trailer as well.



Marshall: OK cool, perfect. And you actually saw the interviews with them as well.



Dr. Ross: Yes.



Marshall: So I guess then you know, of course, that Cathy claims basically that she was the victim of pedophilia by her father that she was in bestiality films. As far as her and Marc are concerned, that the agents who are seeking chosen test subjects for the mind control experimentation were seeking children who were sexually abused because this would be fertile ground for the creation of multiples. Especially because, as they say, these people may have already been multiples. Is that consistent with your research, that children who are sexually abused and forced to be in say, for example, bestiality films, would be excellent examples or candidates for a mind control program?



Dr. Ross: Well the answer to that is yes and no, which I will explain. It’s consistent with my understanding of how things work psychologically. But I don’t have any research, documentation, or evidence that there has actually been, for a fact, recruitment out of either cults or out of domestic incest or abuse situations or that there has been any organized strategy to recruit traumatized dissociative children for mind control experiments. So we’re out of the realm of documented facts now. But if I was running a mind control program and I didn’t have any ethics and I was willing to do whatever it took, that’s where I would recruit. No question. Because if you want to create a really intricate Manchurian Candidate, not just a simple, “the main part of the person and the one other personality”. If you wanted something that was really sophisticated and had layers and levels to it, you definitely would want to start with a child who was primed by trauma to be dissociative and compartmented already. So it makes perfect sense but I don’t know for a fact that it’s happened.



Marshall: Right. That’s exactly what I was asking, if it could be plausible on a clinical level. So…



Dr. Ross: I could put another twist on it for you. To do this kind of experimentation on human beings you have to violate all codes of ethics and you have to be destructive to the person you’re doing it to. We would be talking gigantic malpractice suit if anybody could prove it. But given that you are that kind of person, you would actually be incompetent if you didn’t proceed that way.



Marshall: Yeah, no you’re right cause in a sense you would want to choose the most or highest potential for success.



Dr. Ross: Right.



Marshall: Right. OK. Continuing with Cathy O’Brien for a moment. One of the most fascinating aspects I find about the story is the use of motion pictures to aid in the compartmentalization by creating alternative realities. In her case she says the Wizard of Oz was used by her father. She actually explains that her parents, her father specifically, was brought to Boston at some point to be taught how to program her. After she was traumatized, they would often put her in front of a film like the Wizard of Oz, the key words being ‘in the land of Oz’. Thus giving her an alternate reality and frame of reference for what was happening while she was in that state. Is it possible that films could be used this way to trigger identities and a sense of reality?



Dr. Ross: Well the basic rule of thumb is everything is possible. But a couple of comments on that. One is I’ve heard variations in all of this including the detailed specifics of it from many people, not just Cathy O’Brian. So it’s not just her who’s alleging that this kind of stuff happened to her including details like Oz programming and so on. And the problem is once you’re into high level, complicated… highly funded intelligence operations, you know - just based on common sense and going to Hollywood movies - there’s going to be levels and layers of information, disinformation, and just plain incorrect information. So in trying to figure out in any individual case, ‘is this accurate information, is it just honest delusional mistaken belief, is it planted disinformation?’ - you just can’t tell. The only way you can tell is to get solid outside confirmation. But the thing about Cathy O’Brian’s story, of course there’s lot of fantastic details when she starts alleging the number of famous people that have been involved in her story. But the general outline of it is perfectly possible. It’s perfectly consistent with all this documented information that is hard, hard, hard fact.



Marshall: When you were going through it earlier, the idea of the Manchurian Candidate/courier, it made me think of another aspect of the story. Cathy talks about… basically, as she got older she had two sort of “husbands”. The second one, who was older then her father, was a ventriloquist in the country music scene. She talks about being a drug courier for the CIA and that’s one thing that is possible. We know there was a large drug operation out of Mena, Arkansas. She tells us that they were running the drugs down into The Grand Olde Opry and the country music acts were transporting them out of there and across the country. One thing about her story that always strikes me is how much easier it would be for two people, if they made all that up, you would think it would be more worth their while to go to Hollywood and sell the script. But what I was going ask you is this, the parts she gets into which is the most fascinating to a lot of people is that she acted as a courier to people like Daniel Ortega and the Mexican president and vice president. The way you describe the process of couriering information and materials is exactly how she describes it. And, though I guess it is remotely possible she might have actually gotten this from you, if it is all just a big lie… it is still uncanny. As Cathy describes it, she would be triggered into a trance state by the receiving party and she would deliver those messages. That in many ways, that’s what you talked about earlier and that does correspond at least in theme with her book.



Dr. Ross Absolutely, if you deescalate down from, like I said, the huge list of famous people, forget that their famous people.



Marshall: Well, most of them are just politicians.



Dr. Ross: Politicians. Just forget that, put that aside for a second. The basic thing she is alleging is not very far away from what is understood as factual. In fact, they are either totally consistent with absolutely documented facts and things that actually happened or not very far removed. It’s not… other than the identities of the people she has named, there’s nothing fantastic or unbelievable once you grasp the basic facts.

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Guest BROWNer

Pt. 3


Stephen Marshall: Right. I hear you. Now let’s move to the last stage of the questioning about the book and, in particular, Mark and Cathy. This concerns Mark’s modality for healing Cathy. One of the most interesting experiences I had while shooting this documentary came after the second time I hung out with them. This time it was at their home in Alabama.



Again, as I told you, I was overwhelmed by just how, in many ways, normal they were. They didn’t seem to be like trying to sell anything to me. There was no desperation. There was just an eerie sense of just… humility in the whole thing, which I found most interesting. But when I got down there I was looking for some, I was trying to get more and more evidence. They obviously have what they have, they have said they have been robbed several times over the years. Which is plausible considering the nature of their claim against the State. But I was really trying to get some more substantial elaboration of their story. And, so finally I said, do you have these “deprogramming notes” that are referred to in the book?” To which they kind of looked at each other nonchalantly and said, “Oh yeah they’re out in the garage.”



So I went out there and finally got them to help me pull these boxes that have like been there for years and I found volumes and volumes of her notes and her writing of the experiences as she recalled them. She has moments where she is with a major politician like Bill Bennet and he is reciting Jesuits incantations. Very complex verbiage… all of it in her handwriting and, even, in the scripts of the various ‘personalities’ that were triggered during the memory.



Dr. Colin. A. Ross: These are notes made during the work with Mark Phillips?



Marshall: That’s right, notes she made without any verbal prompting by him. He is very specific on this point. He said he would never talk to her about the memories or during the process of her recalling them because he was afraid that he would trigger false memory. He says, basically, his fundamental aim in trying to fuse back her different compartments was to let her rationally… not emotionally, but rationally - through writing - relive the memories. If she could recreate those memories and re-feel them on a sensory level, after a two or three week period from the time she first recorded them, they assumed they were real. If she couldn’t, they trashed them.



Dr. Ross:The problem is there’s nothing wrong with that procedure and it appears she’s in a lot better shape then she was, I’m not faulting him, he’s not a professional therapist as he acknowledges and knows very well. But it seems he has been incredibly helpful to her, I’m not doubting that the outcome of the process was that she was in way better shape then she was before, but none of these kind of indicators are objective. The fact that it’s internally consistent, the fact that the person isn’t obviously lying, is not just running a scam that you can spot… they really believe and they are really genuine about it, it’s accompanied by believable emotions, it’s accompanied by sensory arousal or sensations in your body. There’s nothing you can name clinically that provides any evidence that it’s real. Because you can have memories that are very, very detailed, very believable, believed in by the person, all the accompanying emotions, all the flashbacks, everything you expect and it never happened. Or you can have memories of something that in fact objectively happened, you can have independent and even video tape confirmation of it and the memories can be very fragmented, very vague, the person has all kinds of doubt about them and can’t put them together in an orderly story.



Marshall: OK… then let’s take an example. Like where she has drawn a map of the Pentagon where she alleges Cheney’s bunker was located and Mark says he brought it to people and they have actually confirmed this is a legitimate map. Could a person be able to create something like that? I mean, she has all sorts of maps of the different places she was taken to. I have actually met a law enforcement official who was in Arkansas and who confirmed as valid Cathy’s testimony about a decapitation right near a place where they were dealing drugs. He confirmed that when got the information from them he went and checked it out with a special investigator in Arkansas and he actually confirmed it was all completely accurate. Does that….



Dr. Ross: Then now you are stepping outside normal clinical work. Normal clinical work we don’t have the resources, time, and energy to do that and we don’t need to. We don’t need outside proof or disproof to do our clinical work. But now you are in the realm of investigation and documentation. Obviously the more of that you can build up the more you start going, huh it’s real.



Marshall: Totally. Let me ask you this. When you watch the tape and you watch Cathy being questioned by me, what was your perception? It’s interesting when people who have not met Cathy but watch the tape. People who have not watched the tape at all often say she is crazy or she is lying. Then when people watch it they tend to say, well she doesn’t look like she’s lying and she doesn’t seem like she’s crazy. What’s your perception, is it somewhere in between? Sometimes it’s almost beyond people’s belief threshold, so they need to create something…some way to explain what they cannot accept as true… or, at least, as true to her.



Dr. Ross: Well I agree and this is not just based on the tape. Like I said I’ve read the book and I also met with both of them. I also had some direct experience and asked them questions myself. I definitely don’t think Cathy O’Brian is either lying or crazy. I’m very convinced she’s not lying or crazy.



Marshall: And you have had people that are both, so just to confirm….



Dr. Ross: Yes or a jumbled mix of all of the above. But that by itself doesn’t prove anything in terms of the reality of the story. It’s possible that, I mean someone with a complicated story like that there’s no way it is going to be 100% real. It’s bound to be mixed up somewhere to some degree. But it’s possible that it is way more than 0, 5, or 10% real, it’s perfectly possible.



That’s the whole point and what I like about their approach of not talking to the subject is, it would be good if we could absolutely prove or disprove her story. But her story just takes us into this whole problem of this world. Which is a very… ‘is it real or not real, what part of what part is not real?’ kind of world. And when this is the whole thing… when you start looking into this, you can gather up all these documents and all the stuff that’s in my Blue Bird book, but then you run to the edge of the facts. Then you know that there are layers and layers of higher levels of classifications and documents that haven’t been declassified yet and programs you don’t even know the name of. So when you get a little bit of unconfirmed information you never know for sure if it’s real information or it’s just some urban legend or what is it.



Marshall: Let me ask you about Mark, I know you had the opportunity to talk to him a couple of times. He speaks very highly of you and he respects what you do. You know he sees you as the number one resource in the field. How do you describe Mark and how he would talk to you about his modality when you talked to him? How would you characterize him?



Dr. Ross: Well he’s somewhat mysterious because he’s got this intelligence background that when you have a intelligence background you can’t really say exactly what it is, right?



Marshall: Right.



Dr. Ross: So you are always wondering, ‘OK, well who did he work for, what exactly did he do, and where does he fit in? So there’s always this kind of question with Mark. But he seems like, when you see him playing with the raccoon, I think that tells you what kind of guy he is, right there. And he seems like he has been in this for a long time and has paid quite a personal price for it. So he doesn’t come across to me as some kind of con artist.



Marshall: No, but people often have a little issue with him, he triggers something in people. I know when people watch the tape they go, ‘there’s something about him’ and I have had other people say, ‘well that’s his spooky background, they tend to have that quality’. There is something definitely about Mark that everyone finds absolutely mysterious. But then there’s Cathy who I have watched to an infinite degree… I mean really scrutinized her. And she just comes out as one of the more beautiful people on the planet. And her point about Mark is that his actions have always been nothing but love and I really believe that.



Dr. Ross: I buy that too. No doubt about that.



Marshall: Interesting. What I want to get into now is, I guess I just want to ask you a couple of questions and go into a more positive end of how we can protect ourselves. One thing Cathy talked about is the use of harmonics, the use of electric frequencies to move into the realm of mass mind control. From what you understand of subliminal and neuro-linguistic programming, are there frequencies that can be used to trigger the mind into a beta state that makes us more suggestible or is that off the mark?



Dr. Ross: To tell you the truth, I don’t know for sure about that kind of stuff. I know for sure, based on collective facts, that there’s a lot of sophisticated mind control technology that exists. I found out just recently - because someone handed me some materials - that you can actually search for U.S. patents on the internet. I mean they are all there, I have copies and I know the patent number. You can search in the government web pages and find it on the internet. So this is a patent, it’s an old patent from the seventies, but the device that is described, it has the patent number and the name of the person that holds the patent and every thing is there, it’s a device for remote sensing of the brain waves. Remember this was in the seventies, so imagine how much more sophisticated it is now.



Basically the device from a remote position monitors the brain waves of the target and then it takes all that information into a computer and then it sends some sort of energy beam back at the person, specifically to modify their brain waves. Then that modified brain wave is sensed again, so there is a communication channel. It can force communication channel between the mind control device and the persons’ brain and there is a patent for that in 1973. So this stuff exists and it’s real.



Then you get into the scenario of the insane person who thinks the CIA is after them is wearing an aluminum foil helmet. So we’ve known all along that those people are all crazy, but then you read the background of radiation experiments on unwitting civilians, biological and chemical warfare, LSD and other hallucinogen experiments on unwitting civilians and citizens. Basically the whole armament of chemical, biological, and psychological warfare weapons have been tested on unwitting civilians. So it stands to reason that non-lethal weapons must have been too. So in the world, there has to be a whole bunch of people who have had strange beams pointed at their heads. So may be not all of these people are crazy. Then you just keep going around and around with these thoughts and considerations and so what is actually technically feasible? I don’t know in terms of mass control of the mental state of the population. I just don’t know technically because that’s not my area and the answer is classified anyway.



Marshall: Got it. But when you, this is more of a general question - I understand you can’t answer this in any conclusive detail. But , from what we read and understand from the history of civilization and the whole approach of medicine. How would you characterize a government or a body that would seek to try and control the people? I mean, do you think it’s been just a minor incursion beyond the moral rules that govern a community… for the sake of science and its curiosity regarding the vast realm of the mind or do you think this is something that goes back to more historical nature of government… of government and power that always tries to dominate and control what is an ever expanding population? How would you characterize this movement if you will?



Dr. Ross: Well I think it’s nothing new under the sun ‘cause if you look at the movie Braveheart or you read about druids or you go back in the Celtic history, you’ll see that there are the military people, the political people, and the shamans or the druids or whatever they were called in that culture. And there’s always somebody who is an expert on casting hexes, hurling curses, changing fates, reading the future. And the military and political people are always consulting with those people.



Then those experts in the mind, shamanism, parapsychology, and seeing the future are always to some degree involved in operations. So I think this is just a 10’s of thousands of year old theme of human history. The thing now, like everything else, is getting… we have the technical capacity to do this in a computerized internet non-lethal weapons mass media kind of fashion that didn’t exist before. Anybody who can get control of this technology can directly get access to billions of people in the same day.



Marshall: So the last question is what, I mean people who just read the last hour’s worth of our conversation or have had a paradigm shift or feeling worried, I mean how do you go to bed every night? It obviously comes down to two questions. One, do you believe in the inherent goodness of humanity and do you believe the government would ever exercise this? That’s the first question, the second one is, if an individual comes to the conclusion perhaps this could be possible what do we do? Is there a way to protect ourselves against this type of control?



Dr. Ross: Well I do believe in the inherent goodness of humanity, but on the other hand humanity has been doing an awful lot of evil stuff for a long time. Would the government be willing to use mind control? Government is, if we look at all the governments of all the peoples of the world, for the last couple of thousand years governments have gone from Stalin to Hitler to whoever with an enormous amount of murder, mayhem, and damage. So this is nothing out of the realm of the ordinary for atrocities perpetrated by the governments. And there is always rationalization and justifications for it. So to me it’s not science fiction or unbelievable. It’s just another level of technology and way to control things.



I basically, if you can imagine when I was, it’s not like every psychiatrist in the world that has written a book about this. Harvey Weinstein wrote a book which is an excellent book, but it’s really focused on his Dad and several other people who were experimented on in Montreal by one mind control doctor, Ewen Cameron. It’s not about the whole picture and other people who have written excellent books are not psychiatrists. So if you look at MD psychiatrist, I am the only person in the world. When I am going to a CIA reading room and looking through their documents and ordering thousands of pages of documents, writing letters to the CIA and making FOIA requests, talking about it in public it can make you a little paranoid. I just basically decided not to be paranoid, I couldn’t figure out what else to do. So I also decided that it would be a joke to try and skulk around and do stuff in secret. Like I’m going to out-fox the CIA or whoever in terms of they are not going to get in my computer and they are not going to over hear my conversation, that’s absurd. So I just decided to, I call it the ‘Three Days of the Condor’ strategy, which is sort of like what Mark and Cathy did… just put it out in the public.



What I know, what I say, and what I think. And then there is nothing to hide. Then, basically, I just feel that I have an ethical responsibility as a professional and it’s kind of a duty as a citizen to do something about this and what I do is talk about it, make it public, document it and try to get people to understand that this is a real thing and it’s a big thing. We can’t just stop doing it because now we’ve got this terrorism problem. Terrorist and opposing governments are going to be using this for the next thousand or hundred thousand years. So we are kind of locked into knowing about it.



Where I come back is really the ethics of medicine and psychiatry because I think there’s a conflict, which I write about in the book, between the National Security oath and the democratic oath. And when you are a doctor you obviously have morals, ethics, and oaths. You are not allowed to do unethical, dangerous, harmful experimentation. But if you step out of your civilian role as a doctor and you are under the National Security oath, all of a sudden all kinds of doctors have been doing all kinds of very unethical, harmful things. It’s been invisible, there hasn’t been serious discussion about it, no ethical oversight or guidance, there’s no protection of subjects. The mind control doctor doesn’t take his experiments through the local universities’ ethics committee. So I think the control point that needs to come into play is through ethics of doctors. Because you can’t do sophisticated mind control without psychologists or psychiatrists involved. So then I turned it into, because I’m not an anti-government or military person at all. I fully support the existence of the CIA and its’ role in the Cold War and in the War Against Terrorism, I’ve turned it into an ethics matter, that it’s absolutely outrageous and a crime against humanity. It’s against everything that medicine is supposed to stand for and that’s where the control point needs to be.

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Guest Propaganda

mad free time or copy and paste? :confused:

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guerillanews network is serious, thats where most of my discussion topics for my civics class came from, thats too much to read, why dont you just summarize it....;)

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Guest BROWNer

i don't agree that it is alot of reading, it's practically nothing.

if i could 'summarize' i would, obviously the amount and nature

of the information is way to complex to summarize..

oui oui?

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Guest BROWNer

how about this terraryzer..


'brainwashing, sex slave rings, child pedophilia, total control

of people and here's a whole fucking lot of stuff that seems completely

plausible, but wait..

i can't give you the information cuz you're too sillyass to read a

couple pages of text'.


if you don't want to read it that's cool, but dudesz, don't ask me to 'sum it up'.


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Guest Propaganda

You seem very politcal. May I ask what are your views on all this? This seems interesting.

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at first though..i was like wow this guys smart ..but then...i was like ohh hes not because he posted all this in cahnnel zero...no one in here is going to read that

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Guest BROWNer



i don't really consider myself 'very political', i'm

just naturally curious about a ton of stuff, it doesn't

seem to me to be extraordinary in any way, just


i have lots of questions and doubts about the vids, but most of it

measured against my logical take on life in general,

human nature/people, and history, with alot of pretty unfuckwithable

insights from people way sharper than me make it

totally unsettling. its weird, i don't think i could ever truly

in a raw sense believe this unless i saw every single

piece of document that is the basis of everything in

this post, but on a basic world view sort of take on it, i'm

definitely sold on its plausibility.

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shut up...fuck everything.....fuck thinking fuck the world fuck everything....fuck you



up the punks

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im just reserving a spot for a future reply. ..this goes perfectly with my PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS THREAD.

the videoes don't work unfortunately...

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Originally posted by Daze One Million

any able to tell me what this thread is about?


This girl was forced o do animal porn, then she got raped by george bush sr. and dick cheney. and they did some crazy mind control experiments on her.

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Originally posted by space base

This girl was forced o do animal porn, then she got raped by george bush sr. and dick cheney. and they did some crazy mind control experiments on her.


thanks, good lookin out;)

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Guest BROWNer
Originally posted by metallix

the videoes don't work unfortunately...


all the videos work and are current and operable.

do you have quicktime? you need quicktime to see

every video(the first video has windows band linxsz).

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Originally posted by >samer<

at first though..i was like wow this guys smart ..but then...i was like ohh hes not because he posted all this in cahnnel zero...no one in here is going to read that

Not many people read it, but there are people on here who can handle reading a couple pages worth of good information. I haven't gotten around to it reading it yet, but seriously, if you aren't interested in reading it and giving some thought out imput then don't just fill this thread with pointless shit. Theres plenty of other threads you guys can go into and post whatever you want, so use those instead of one where someone is trying to actually trying to start a worthwhile conversation.

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Took about a half of an hour to read and watch all of it.


And I must say. I will be reading BROWNer's posts from now on rather than skipping by them.


The Americanization of Nazi mind control.


The one line that was most dead on was that "Nazis didn't lose the war, they just had to move."


Glad to see Hitler living on in the 2k3.

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