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home-made markers

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whats-up all,


if there is already a post about this, and this post is utterly useless, please tell me


Anyways, i heard many a story about making home-made markers, but one caught my attention.

I heard that it was possible to make a marker using an empty deodorant stick, and since i had 1 or 2 somewhere i decided to try it out.

I started by cleaning out the remaining residue in the stick, then i turned the dispensing dial all the way to the end so that it is at the bottom.

After, i heard you are supposed to jam a sock into the stick to hold the ink, but being that i value my socks, i had to improvise by using 2 sponges.

Next, i filled the stick with (what i thought to be permanent) ink, well i filled the cap with ink and turned it upside down so at least the top of the sponge gets saturated.

After turning it over a few times to let the ink soak in, i then went out tagging later that night.



Well, this marker worked pretty well, the lines were fat, and drippy, one draw-back though was that the texture of the sponge made it possible for it to get stuck or caught on the surface you are writing on and the sponge got pulled out.

I remedied this problem by pulling a stocking/tights/panty hose (whatever) over the sponge and stick itself, making writing smoother and easier, but alot more messy.

Also the ink solution i used really sucked, but thanks to this website i have many ink recipes to try out.


Anyways i hope this post was informative, and if you have the real instruction on how to make this kind of marker or any other kind for that matter, let me know.


keep writing everyone


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there's already a post about this and this thread is utterly useless... thanks for playing

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