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African Damage,Part2

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he's sick,we use sprayon brand paint and i dont know if anyone has ever heard of the folowing brands,spectra spray,dulux,plascon.

the scene started in the early eightee's and the first writer was GOGGA from cape town,but now resides in Johannesburg,he is still in the game and he is still burning kids.weve had a lot of european writer comming to visit and help out,loomit was here and solo one,smirk(swedish)and theres this ill female writer from the uk who now lives here,FAITH,shes also very good.


the street bombing is comming up real good and many writers are getting up,the problem is that too many want to start out writing nice big pieces instead of starting with their bombing,but the CBD is really nice to bomb,the police are afraid to go there.but its not really safe for writers as well,unless you know any nigerian drug lords.JOhannesburg)

yards are very risky cause here in johannesburg,they're starting to shoot writers in the yard, so the trains in johannesburg are not as covered as they are in cape town.if you bribe the guards you could do as much trains as you want,but were poor folk.

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Originally posted by can of worms

they actually shoot writers? that is seriously fucked up


yep..theyre taking graff more seriously,they slapped a five year sentence on a kid once,but some security guards prefer to beat the living poo out of you than to take you to the police,which i'd also prefer cause a cell is hell.but the law here is easily coruptable,so you always have to go out and write with a little bit of bribe money just incase.we have the highest murder rate but they insist on concentrating on graff than on other shit like the daily common child rape(kids of 2yrs of age being gang raped.)


i wish i still had the pic of when this one writer did a throw up on one of the politicians houses and wrote "i own you and your daughter,that bitch loves my semen art."

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just as a matter of interest


yo went to cape town and painted some layup at the end of the line called the strand near my grans house, did a piece in observatory as well on the line. This was a fair few years ago but that country kicks ass . the SA scene is boss


perth australia

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cheers for showing me a scene i knew nothing about! some tasty trains there! Shooting writers! fucking hell mate, makes a mockery ov the writers over here in London complaining about yard security!

lets hope more fellas from over there try posting stuff here, get this thread going proper!


oh, the global implications ov 12oz, eh?:) :) :) :)

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