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Von schnabel

Subway stations!

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Guest imported_b0b
Originally posted by YePs@Apr 28 2005, 03:29 PM

fuckin dope shit! dam all that is makin me want to go back to England and reck some shit. especially in Sussex!


All the subway stations in Sussex are under lock down right now.. :haha:

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ok, let me preface this with a little background info... ill post some flicks in 2 sections...

1-station(s) 2- tunnels. the following flix will all be from philly... here, as a lot of people are aware

(and in case your not ill put you D) we are steeped in tradition, were stubborn were critical, even the kids who are wack think people

from other places who may be 100x's better than they could EVER be are corny because of the style and or method of operations

they use to get over.. we wear our proverbial hearts on our sleeves, love it or leave it...

and thanks to the city's antigraffiti tactics there is basically nothing on the street that has survived or will survive for long...

which leads me to our tunnels, they are our last bastion of history here...

(and this is where modern stylized graff was started so that should convey some of the signifigance)

this is a reason why kids will not paint stations here, because that could possibly compromise our ability to walk, flick and paint our tunnels...

the first set of flicks will be of an abandoned subway station that is still on an active line

(the only station that ever really gets painted here, and its on a secondary line at that) and the second

will be of some tags and stuff from our tunnels (just so you can kind of get a visual... for those that care.... yahhmean...











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^and hes still king today...


i hope yall can apreciate these, there not just flicks.. to philly, these are like classic subway art level jawns... i have stacks and stacks more, but i could never scan them, they are super special to me... no homo... peace

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Originally posted by trackstand@Apr 28 2005, 05:25 PM

Great thread, here is a golden oldie from Chicago... Found in the Chicago thread... My guess is 1996



yeah AGES DTE he rocked some spots in DETROITaround 95


that orange looks like that old krylon brick ..maybe idunno

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