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spot the diss

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heres part of nas' freestyle he rocked on hot 97'...can you get the underlined cut-ups

heres a hint theres four...have fun!


"Rip the freeway shoot thru memphis with money bags/ stop in philly order cheese steaks and eat beans fast/ bring it back uptop remove the fake king of new york/ you show off/ i count doe off when u sampled my voice/i rule u/ before you used to rap like the fu shnickens/ nas design ya blueprint who you kidding/ is he h to the izzo/ m to the izzo/ fa shizl you phony rapper version of Sisqo/ and as for certain you cloned me/ ya wack clothesline i rather sean john bought me with ya fake ass rhymes & ol times that neva took place you liar/ un was ya 1st courtcase, you have no priors/ you master fabricated stories in streets & soundlick/ have u surrounded with u and em faggets u down with/ while they ride nas tryna boost they carreers/ they corny as corn-mega all u hip hop queers."


the sample he is talking about is from dead presidents


oh wait theres five dissed kids

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Guest meta4

goddamn nas stepped on maad toes in that one,that was a free??damn thats tight work,i wish i still lived up north,i would have got to hear it for myself.niggas is gonna want his head for that one,but the fact that he doesnt give a fuck is what makes it all the better-good post

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oh, nas. will you ever win?


fabolous would drop some great lines in his "freestyles" for hot 97.


"The skinny harsh fellow

that brainwash ghettos

for nickels of crack

the size of marshmallows"


hova sandwich, memphis weak, beano, cormega, ?

is the court shit about diddy? why would he do that? i think he's still going on about j to the izzo, and by that i mean jizzo

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Originally posted by Klypse:

I bet he wrote that before he got there, and tried to act like a freestyle.



most people do that when they "Freestyle" on hot97... cuz most of that shit would be near impossible to come up with straight off the top of the head.... they just consider it freestyle cuz they're not looking at a piece of paper while they're saying it

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