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Hand lettering concept work by Michael Manoogian. I love his work, and seeing iterative design process like this...

Posted Images



MOMA's internet radio station. check out Charlie Ahearn's show "Yes Yes Y'all" where he interviewed Blade. I cant get it to work on my computer, somebody let me know if its worth my effort to figure it out. the station looks ill.



since its MOMA I figured this was the thread....

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Guest BROWNer

ese, that shit is hot. i posted it a wee bit ago but haven't tuned

in for very long. i keep checking their playlists for whats up...

trust they've had some deadly shit.

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be kind, proud, and fearless


How to create good art:

1. tap into the viewer's perception. use universal positives.


2.The Brain. Fresh Perceptions> The first time someone is exposed to comething new, they're not sure about it, but the more they're exposed to it, the more they like it (this is not always applicable), but it is important to not be exposed to something too much. *use originality


3. BAD: cliche, monotony, dirivative


Artists are responsible for keeping childlike perceptions fresh.

It is an artist's responsibility to show you new ways to see the world.


Humans are different from animals because we have art, and animals dont. Art gives us new ways to look at things. The closest thing that dogs have to art is *maybe* gourmet dog food because they might be able to distinguish it from everything else.



GENIUSES: Aldous Huxley, James Joyce, Faulkner, R. Crumb





this thread is doing good things.,

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I saw the movie Coffee and Cigarettes yesterday, and it was absolutely amazing. One of the best movies I have seen in recent memory. I highly suggest it to all you Babblers.


Its a concept film by Jim Jarmusch, and its a series of 11 vignettes, that all have coffee and cigarettes in common. Theres some really great celebrity appearences in this film, but more importantly, its subtle humor and beauty are really what made me appreciate it.

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Guest imported_sofarok

dr who?


Daleks are hardcore but they cany go up stairs....



"Encased in their pepperpot-shaped travel machines, each Dalek is a mutant monstrosity from the planet Skaro. They are one of the Galaxy's most fearsome races, with no thoughts other than that of conquest. The Daleks consider themselves the most superior race in the Universe. Humanity and all of the other species in the Galaxy may be permitted to live as their slaves - but that which they cannot subjugate they will destroy. Their main weaponry is the gun attached to the front of their casings. Even a glancing shot is sufficient to despatch the hapless victim in screaming agony…


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