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Guest chicken bone

HEY lets talk about spiders in channel zero.





Milan artist's installation sparks outrage - and injury


Sophie Arie in Florence

Saturday May 8, 2004

The Guardian


Maurizio Cattelan, one of Italy's leading modern artists, has a reputation for stirring controversy. But his latest work has surpassed all expectations, offending one man so grievously he ended up in hospital with concussion.


His artistic creation involves three plastic child dummies hanging from nooses in an old oak tree in Milan's busy May 24 square. The life-like bambini appeared unperturbed, their faces calm and angelic, their wide eyes turned to the sky. Traffic jams soon formed at lights below and passersby gathered to stare and argue.


Milan mayor, Gabriele Albertini, attended the inauguration of the work, calling it "a good example of anti-conformist culture".


But by Thursday night one passerby, Franco de Bernardo, 42, had become so angry at the effect it had on his nephew, he returned with a ladder and saw to cut the corpses down.


When he got to bambino No 3, he lost his grip and fell, cracking his head on a railing below and ending up in a pool of blood beneath the dangling child.


He spent the night in hospital with concussion and an injury to his right eyebrow. Firemen removed the three plastic children.


"We are shocked," said Massimiliano Gioni of the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, which sponsored the work. "It was a work meant to make people talk. We did not think it would come to this."


The foundation said it planned to relocate the work, which was designed to "show the tension there is in reality".


Cattelan defended his creation. "Childhood, this strange place where traumas happen and you dream incredible dreams, is a place I always return to. The fact is we seem more violence on TV these days than in this work of art," he told La Repubblica.


But politicians had criticised the work even before it produced its first casualty. City councillor Stefano Di Martino described it as a way of "letting out people's sick fantasies".


It was not known what plans Cattelan had for the dismantled installation which had been set to grace central Milan until June 6.


Cattelan is possibly Italy's richest modern artist, making a name with shock installations, including a prostrate pope struck by a meteorite and a stuffed squirrel committing suicide at a kitchen table.


His taxidermic horse suspended from a ceiling, called La Ballata di Trotsky (The Ballad of Trotsky), fetched £619,750 at Christie's in 2001.

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Guest im not witty

my girl used to tell me that im going to look just like terry richardson when i grow up. i can think of alot worse things to say to someone. that guy looks like he has fun.

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..as for the last comment...


hanging out with pornstars doest not always = fun.




i have to tell you i was once at an art opening and noticed a dog with a camera around its neck, regardless of the camera i knelt down to pet it.. the camera flashed and blinded me quite a few times.



i later found out it was terry richardsons dog....



"now.. whats that all about willis?"

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live n uncut nycity


http://img56.photobucket.com/albums/v172/yewzallah/supperman.jpg'> do you think he can fly?http://img56.photobucket.com/albums/v172/yewzallah/chainy.jpg'>

who you think cought a bad 1?http://img56.photobucket.com/albums/v172/yewzallah/doorman.jpg'> jump em jump em nikkah http://img56.photobucket.com/albums/v172/yewzallah/runs.jpg'>

while ya boi does the dipppp on yaaaa.





shit is reeeeeeeely reeel out durrrr

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The utopian project New Babylon was developed out of the situationist movement in the late 50ies; it clearly stands in a line with situationism and it has to bee seen embedded both in the artistic avantgarde and in the social struggles of that time – so maybe we should first sketch out some basic ideas of situationism. The Situationist International was a follow-up to the Paris-based Lettrist International. Both organisations share both their understanding as being revolutionary art movements andtheir fascination with urban space as the stage of a daily struggle against functionalist capitalism. Guy Debord is often acknowledged as the central figure of situationism. When he is often described as activist, artist, writer, we can see the arena in which he and the other situationist acted in.

In his famous piece "The Naked City" from 1959 some main ideas are represented. "The Naked City" is cut-up and re-configured map of Paris, putting new connections between certain areas. It is more a mind-map, actually.





One of the techniques the situationists invented was the "derive". It means a kind of aimless wandering, a drifting through the city (here we can see the lines back to surrealism as well). The derive was meant as an act of resistance to the hegemonic functionialism, upon which capitalist (as well as socialist) society was based. Situationism clearly detected functionalism as one of the keys through which capitalism worked. Here in Sweden we can see extremely well, how such an over-all functionalist approach forms a society. Every detail of such a model is exactly planned, capitalism organizes every small aspect of social life. Sweden is actually in many aspects the role-model of the 20th century welfare state, Fordism, the capitalist compromise between workers and owners of production, is somehow the doctrine on which the whole social-democtraic swedish model is based on... and that we can see in the architecture, if we look at the suburbs as an outcome of functionalist city planning.

Anyway, the situationists said:

You have to tear apart the grid of the city and find your own ways and not fall into the everyday capitalist life.

The overall organization of social life was also described by Michel Foucault with the theory of the disciplinary society. He states that within such a society you move from one closed milieu to another: you start in the family, then go to school, maybe to military, afterwards into factory and if things do not work out to the hospital or maybe to the prison. Life is organized through this institutions, and they are all somehow structured in the same way, their functions are analogous.

The situationists, along with the upcoming revolutionary ideas of that time, were opposed to this kind of disciplinary regime. They wanted to break up the divisions between the separated fields. especially in the realm of the city. Their main programm, the unitary urbanism, was to abolish all seperations between work and leisure time, between public and private space.




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Guest BROWNer
Guest BROWNer


In Japan gay people often use toilet at a station. It is usual that many such scribble is on toilet wall.


This says " I want to play SUMO with man aged sixty.

But shortcut construction worker only. I'm waiting your call.

Call me and say SUMO"


And this is "SUMO" for man who scribble this.

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