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The Babble

Al Green

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very cool...


well... my weekend officially started at 7... time for drinks and debotchery..



joker...definitely different. a change from the super minimalist stuff ive seen of yours in the past year..


alright... because that inspired me..

im going to have to do some sketchbook time this weekend my in my new book.



keep babblin.

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One day a truly lonely old man tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. "I hate bread crusts and these gawd damn cracks exclamation mark!" said he.


There was a time when he was young but if you were to ask me to tell you that storey i'd say that I’m telling a different storey because I don’t know so much about that. But I do know this storey so its the storey you are going to hear. So don’t bother asking thank you very much.


There was once a beautiful princess that wanted to be a boy. She was way too pretty of a gurl to ever be a boy. She heard voices in her sleep and sometimes you thought she was awake but she was actually napping. If you didn’t know she was snoozing she would hear you talk to her and think that she was hearing voices in her sleep and she would reply but you couldn’t hear her because she didn’t actually talk in her sleep. One of her arms was deformed and I found that sexy. When she was awake she heard voices that weren’t really there and when she was five a boy told her that the only reason she hears those voices in her head when she’s awake is because she’s a gurl. ...the same thing happened to the boys’ mother so he believed it to be true. It’s not that far to Portland if you think about it. So the princess wanted to be a boy but still kiss all the boys. and the boy who told her the lies, mother lies is in Riverview care facility on a bed in a soft green room all alone thinking of the time she was at the beach.


Enter that cranky old codger mumbling under his pea coat collar and half into a beat up brown paper bag “Ima think to get a cheese sandwich and leave the crust on the Prime Ministers door step. Take that Paul.”




Babble past the last ten minutes

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Posted by 48:16

damn joker,


is that new, it kinda hearkens back to some older stuff you've done but it's almost old englishy looking.


aren't you a little old to be drawing on napkins?



Yea, it's new. It's for a shirt company. They wanted something that was kin to the Old English work I was doing ten years ago. You're never too old to draw on napkins... never.




Posted by eseLokE1uno

Hey joker what kind of pens you use?



That sketch is in pencil. But when I do ink in I use a very special pen... one of my secrets. Well, you can buy them in just about any art supply store... but I ain't telling you guys!




T-shirt by DSR Visuals...

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob

Photographs from Helen Levitt's book entitled "Here and There."



The boy has been taunting the girl that she will never get married in this image by Helen Levitt from the book "Here and There."





Really really really funny. I think most girls I know are still living in the same state of mind.

YO slimebells. P-nut is talkin jive about moving to my hood and leaving the Burk. Lets tell him he will never fit in and make him cry.

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newer photos:




Browner those images are great. I colaborated with this chick and just finished a 2 min video but it gives off that same kind of spooky old rotten feel.


and Indy what did you shoot that with? greatness.

back on the bab tip.

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