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hevs i need somewhere to host images..


i have run my rent with my friends host...and need to start sleeping on a new couch so to speak.. so if you (hevs) or any of you (...anyone else)


is interested in helping a brother out.. id appreciate it.. in return.. ill mail you a drawing..





-bobby hope


p.s. the sooner.. better.. and sooner youll see more stuff in this thrizziziszizizizuh zuh zuh ead.

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The Spruce Goose


re: pilau hands and bobby's convo..


Spruce Goose

The History:


It was born of a critical national need to fly over the enemy submarines ravaging shipping lanes during World War II. First designated the HK-1 for the Howard Hughes and Henry Kaiser venture that responded to the government requirement, it was later called the H-4 Hercules.


The Hughes Flying Boat was to be the biggest airplane ever built and probably the most prodigious aviation project of all time. Only the courage and solitary dedication of Howard Hughes and his small development group caused this project to advance what a disgruntled U.S Senator dubbed the "flying lumberyard" resulting in its historic flight in November 1947.


Now commonly tagged the "Spruce Goose" the aircraft has endured to become a popular cultural artifact telling a remarkable story of sacrifice, determination, and technological development. The HK-1, still the biggest aircraft ever built, was decades ahead of its time in the early 1940s. It revolutionized jumbo flying bodies and large lift capability, shaping modern flight.


Along the way, the Flying Boat development encountered and dealt with tremendous design and engineering problems, from the testing of new concepts for large-scale hulls and flying control surfaces, to the incorporation of complex power boost systems that gave the pilot the power of 100 men in controlling this Hercules.


Engineers hung eight of the most powerful engines available on the huge wings, and designed a mammoth fuel storage and supply system to allow the long, over the water, flights. Mr. Hughes and his team accomplished all of this working with non-essential" materials, building a wood aircraft, mostly birch not spruce, that even many of his colleagues dismissed as impossible. All of this was done within the impractical schedule of wartime.


On November 2, 1947, Howard Hughes and a small engineering crew fired up the R-4360s for taxi tests and thrilled thousands of on-lookers with an unannounced flight. With Howard Hughes at the controls, the Flying Boat lifted 70 feet off the water, and flew one mile in less than a minute at a top speed of 80 miles per hour before making a perfect landing.


This trial was simple vindication from the detractors of the program and it is now looked back upon as a great moment in flight history. The popular Spruce Goose is now appropriately regarded as a true American icon.

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Spruce Goose Cont'd




FYI: planes arent for flying with... they're for eating next to....and now you know.




a really dope scale model


http://www.xs4all.nl/~philow/sprucegoose4.jpg'> some orthographic drafts


transporting the fuselage to the west coast.




welcome back to the babble..




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Oh no you didn't


Next thing you know you'll be showing the YB-49 followed ME 262's, fu4 corsaires, A10 warthogs, pby5 catalinas, followed by mig 25 vs. f15 debates, and detailed explanations of why the B1 was doomed to failure due to buearacratic issue's outside of rockwell intl.




The future is bright for such steamers.

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"Felching is when a man fucks you up the butt without a rubber. He shoots his load, and then plants his mouth on your anus and sucks out his own warm sperm, plus whatever lubricant and feces are present. That's felching. It may or may not," I add, "include kissing you to pass the sperm and fecal matter into your mouth."





My father clears his throat. "Bump," he says, "I think 'fletching' is the word your mother meant."




(Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters)

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