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The Babble

Al Green

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I'm gonna post these here because

A: Don't think they belong in the great photography/picture threads

B: this thread is probably my favorite

C:Didn't want to start a new one


Behind the Scenes of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Stan Margulies, Gene Wilder and Mel Stuart.


Peter Ostrum, Gene Wlder and Mel Stuart.


Julie Dawn Cole and Mel Stuart.


The Oompa Loompa actors out of costume with Roald Dahl.





Gene Wilder and Roald Dahl.


Mel Stuart with the Oompa Loompas.



There's no earthly way of knowing,

Which direction we are going.

There's no knowing where we're rowing

Or which way the river's flowing.

Is it raining? Is it snowing?

Is a hurricane a-blowing?

Not a speck of light is showing,

So the danger must be growing!

Are the fires of hell a glowing?

Is the grisly reaper mowing?

Yes! The danger must be growing!

For the rowers keep on rowing

And they're certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing!

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Thanks fist, I'm going to try and get this thread going again.


Even if no one is looking here.


No joke. I felt I was resurrecting some really ancient ish with that photography link. I always love the babble for giving me sight at the stuff I dont stumble across. Ive been looking but so much has not been Babble worthy as of late. Although Im down to 1 screen instead of two and got so used to have netflix on one and surfing on the other....hard to do both with one these days.

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Ok so some might not think this is "art" but it certainly is artistic. My mother for the past tens years has been making 3gs a month selling doll clothes that she makes for ebay...now etsy. Shes not one of the lunatics that plays with dolls etc. She sees it as straight business. Been featured in a magazine etc. Anyways, for quite some time she has followed this one dude Noel Cruz. He does Original One of a Kind (OOAK) repainted doll faces/bodies. His work is ridiculously good and he makes ridiculous money doing it. If you check just for the month of december hes already made 11 grand off repainting dolls. He mainly repaints movie celebrity stuff. So heres some of his stuff.....








and my favorite....i dont even know who this guy is but the copy is so dope. Although next to the rest of the other celebs this one sold for the least amount.







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I wish this thread would have a better flow of updates. Anyways, shifted gears this week to the clay world so heres some ceramic artists. Its funny out of a lot of artists its the Ceramists that are hard to find blogs, portfolio sites, etc for. Mainly becauses theyre usually crazy old guys that dont give a crap about computers n what not.


This guy had me buying some under glazes and an airbrush setup recently. Not to copy his style but reminded me of an old approach I never attempted. So yeah.


Jim Kemp





Now I think that many in the art world are pushing new styles to create and explore new ideas. Yet, the clay world which is so stuck because its guided and ruled by science and chemistry there are those that really take huge leaps and create the amazing. Plus the fact that there an enormous amount of variables involved in certain outcomes you just never really know. I love that personally. Opening a kiln is like unwrapping a present and seeing a shiny toy or finding nothing but underwear. Anyways Helen Gilmour everybody! She knits traditional forms and uses balloons to keep their shape then dips them over and over in a clay slip (liquid clay). Upon firing they cotton burns off and what is left is a clay knitted form.




You know I love this guy so much. Well he creates beautiful work and has his own technique using Shlac. He Shlacs a piece by doing his calligraphy/text/graff whatever then wipes away the non shlaced clay and repeats giving his work a level and clean amount of depth. Also too HE LOVES GOOD BEER! He sells his porcelain mugs on Etsy and uses a image that if I can find it states "good beer needs a good glass" or something like that.






Well I wasnt expecting my wine to catch up so sooon. So Ill wait to post again. Keep this thread going.

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