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Al Green

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Daniel Chou[/url] is awesome, I'm a fan of his work.


If you mind me asking how much did you score the General K-9 at the flea market for?


Oh shit. Good looking out.


I found out more about the dog painting. Turns out the artist is Quentin Massy. He paints various dogs in military outfits and gives them appropriate names. Check some of his prints here. The paining I have isn't even listed there. I assume it's probably title "General Bone-a-part."

My partner spotted it at the flea market and talked the guy down to selling it to us for $18.

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lets try to resurrect this awesome thread.

i've always been a huge fan of mesoamerican art. fucking catholics burning their vast wealth of knowledge. i have really tried to grasp their pantheon but there is just so much out there and my self-diagnosed learning disability prevents me from learning things and such. maybe im not sure.


from the codex borgia


Quetzalcóatl (left) and 5 Grass flank a corn plant that symbolises the axis mundi, a sacred point that pierces and connects the heavens, earth and underworld with its leaves, stalk and roots.





my favorite

XIPE TOTEC "our lord the flayed one"



aztec god of spring. priests would flay victims and wear their skins over theirs chasing and scaring children. after several days the skin would dry out and flake off and the priest would emerge as a new being, symbolizing spring.


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