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Al Green

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I don't know if I like this because it's pretty well done, or because it reminds me of one of Futura's abstract styles.

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stumbled across this dude in the most recent fortean ties. Diddnt read the article; I saw it at my friend's house. I need to read the article. I felt quite compelled to share. I'd consider buying a large-format print of one of these pieces.

(from wikipedia)

"John Martin (19 July 1789 – 17 February 1854)"





Sodom and Gomorrah


Seventh Plague of Egypt



hope it hasnt been posted yet

wish i could find better quality pictures,

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"A rainbow in your hand. Started as Masashi Kawamura’s personal project in summer 2007, and was soon published from a Japanese bookstore “Utrecht”. It’s a flipbook, but rather than seeing animation, it creates a 3D rainbow in your hand. This book won this years NY ADC silver cube."

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for real i was enjoying that for a couple of days now its a no go


and in response to the Sebastien Verdon post. Ive always been curious how A: the large installation artists even get the chance to do a show and B: How they make money off their work, or if that is even possible.....

I mean Im sure if you gave me a huge space to run a muck in I could probably dish out some "inspiring" stuff.

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I saw that on Tumblr yesterday. I was thinking about how it reminded me of some of the early 20th century Futurist sculptures:


Umberto Boccioni




Unique Forms of Continuity in Space


Basically, his ethos was looking to the continuity of moments in time as understood through a full experience. I think it's interesting how this sort of work was being done after the turn of the century, and what I feel was in parallel with much continental philosophy being done on the nature of experience in time and space. Specifically Henri Bergson, who, along with Boccioni, express themes which hint at the soon to come theory of relativity by Einstein. The notion of viewer, the subjective nature of measurement, and the perceptual frame as primary to understanding the nature of universal events.

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