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japanese metabolism has is basically a japanese spatial invention that came out of a modernist precedent because of people like Kenzo Tange, who taught Fumihiko Maki and Arata Isozaki. They owe something of an alligence to my homeboy Le Corbusier. HE is so dreamy. But then came Rem Koolhaas and he reinvented the skyscraper something that hadn't been done since the metabolists I'm familiar with the work of Archigram but they're kind of silly for my taste, if your into them you can check out this other firm called SITE. The other image is of a proposal by VLadimir Tatlin (the greast artist ever.) it was supposed to be bigger than the Eiffel tower



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"If you could no look like Lebron" is actually not the worst ue of English. As in no look, pass like the nasty one he did during the allstar game. The former cuban nipple crisis keeping shite correct on the sports tip.


What's Rinzen? Fill me in Bobert.


Last but not least for those in the uree-uh Mish Mothra Flyer

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KAZIMIR MALEVICH.. ...epic..epic.

and it sounds cool.. "suprematism"..isms are cool.. "madizmss"



lebbeus is a genius.. im a huge fan of his work and writing.






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Kaj Franck




Louis Sparre





sabbatical with options..itchy head..itch till it gets raw and red..

loligag and lightly tread..


poopshovit..360 murder lurkers.

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*these arent legos.. they dont have the patented.. "stud-and-tube" design.


automated binding blocks.. invented in 1955.. the lego company founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen.




alright now back to some hip here and now shit.

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tylerwhisnand.jpgblurb:::Tyler Whisnand and Pierre Huyghe met each other during the last Venice Biennial and continued their contact via email. They discussed a concept in advance and worked it out independently of each other. Huyghe's film consists of a single shot of a chic hotel room where the television is on. First we see only the test picture, then a few fragments of faces. The room remains empty; nothing else happens. Whisnand also makes use of a monitor. On his screen we see texts flashing by like news announcements at a station or on CNN: 'Flag factories at busiest levels since last war' or 'attacks on common ground not unique'. In particular, the addition of 'more soon' to each line awakens curiosity. At the same time the content does not divulge itself completely. The sentences remain stuck in the throat, as it were.

The music of Steamboat Switzerland seems to be the complete opposite of the images, but it does add an extra value to both the films. Instead of the yawning void to which Huyghe and Whisnand address themselves, Steamboat Switzerland is dominated by chaos. What is striking about their composition is the sudden begin and the abrupt end. The rapid succession of notes and the hectic combination of composed and improvised music, together with the instruments used (including amplified piano, classical guitar, drums, percussion, Leslie loudspeaker), is in sharp contrast to the silence in Huyghe's hotel room. Yet all three contributions seem to be a commentary on modern life and it is fascinating to see how chaos and emptiness ultimately balance each other out.








this is their site.





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house in a box...




7' high Solid Walls


Solid Roof System


2 Operating Windows


Solid Door


Solid Floor


Knock-down Capable (assembles in less than one hour)


Packing Crate (the crate is the floor)


32 units can be shipped in one 40' container


Building & Crate - 300 lbs/135 kgs










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a set of salt and pepper shakers designed by me and a friend this weekend. we rendered them in rhino then produced a plastic model on an RP machine (uses lasers shooting through some liquid to make a plastic prototype). they're now in the process of being cast.

being an artist is sweet.





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i would just like to thank who ever put that picture of king yellowman up after that pic i researched him and i think im one of his biggest fans i love his music .


rastafarian killers

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