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if you were a member of the opposite sex for one day what would you do?


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id'e just go around snuffin bitches left and right..girls i don't know would be getting hit only because i know that when i'm not a girl no more i won't be able to hit there asses and i know for a fact i'm going to want to one day so i'll just be hannding out ass whipins:huh?:

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Guest beardo
Originally posted by ubejinxed

why if only they were big?


my friend had these double D's and they were straight floatation devices, it's kinda funny. (she had them reduced tho)


i think you answered your own question :yum:

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"i'd get drunk draw a darth vader helmet on it and wave it around saying would you like to come to the dark side. "




ubejinxed takes the prize


i laf'd so hard my boss came over to see what was up [my job does not usualkly have me laughing]... read it over my shoulder and bust'd up too.



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for one i would walk down a dark alley in the middle of the night.


i would go dancing.


i would go to alot of womens clothes stores and try on clothes.


i would have sex with a man because i have always wondered what it would feel like to have a vagina.. and something being in that vagina.


i also want to experience a female orgasm.


i would go to the ladies get in for free nights or the free drinks for ladies night.


i would probably stare at myself in the mirror for awhile.


i dont know. i couldnt fit everything i wanted to do in one day.

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