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Poltikos, Patriot Act II

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What's the deal with the lack of politicing on here anymore? Anyone know about the Patriot Act II, thas sum fuc up sheet right there. It makes permantent the first Patriot Act and adds more to it. And it's getting passed while we sleep, or maybe not, I haven't been checking up on here. Anyone else scared shitless, or have the shit scared out of them over this? Judging from what I know about shit, I'm thinking if you even care, it's probably the latter, but I am me, so I am biased. Maybe that's another topic, when you're scared, do you shit more, less, or the same. Maybe our good old english language needs some attention here, you know for posterity's sake (so no one gets labeled a terrorystico).

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ah.. from what i've read a lot of politicians on the hill and at the capitol are opposed to it.. democrats and republicans alike. it infringes on our civil liberties and looks fairly unconstitutional... there was an article a few weeks ago.. I could probably dig it up...

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me: cigarettes

ben: the "kaboom box" r whatever

ben: and it sounds lik shit now

ben: since it is old

ben: and the lcd light is dead

ben: and it is so high that i can't reach it

me: good riddence

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