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Originally posted by mr.yuck

I have no idea. I'm not that farmiliar with it. I just read an article on them about 4 months ago. I think they just have a few minor differences as far as the safety is concerned and like i said above. Got you're heart set on the colt, huh?

very. preferably an original 1911 gi model.
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if anyone live around the Oklahoma City area Outdoor America is having a 50% off sale on all kinds of holsters. i got a tatical leg holster and shoulder holster for my Kimber for $50.

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Originally posted by villain

If there's any place I can think of that you can find an original 1911 it would be Butterfield & Butterfield. It's a big ass gun auction that some gun dealers and collectors I was talking to use.

Shoot straight, aim true!

word thanks
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Originally posted by rip

or instead of a SAR-1 get a SKS.


Ummm are you a retarded homo? SKS's dont have detachable magazines. When you load them you have to load them by hand or stripper clip. You wanna sit there and load bullet after bullet on your SKS while i have a MORE acurate AK, WITH detachable magazines (and 90 round drums at that) and you tell me to get a shitty SKS... lick the dick tip till it drip dry nigga, and learn your shit before you talk it.

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