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two sketches


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your getting ahead of yourself, try to keep it simple for a while

i know it sounds dumb and ever starter i know always says that he wants to do his own thing and do wild style,but trust me, stick to the basics until u get those down, try and post some too...

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First thing: Stop where you're at, stop all together. You can't read a thing, or tell what letter is what. Don't jump in the deep end if you can't swim. Dump your style. Start all over.


Second thing: Work on Simple letters, Bar letters, or letters off your handstyle. But, if you feel your handstyle sucks, don't. The description to bar letters are on the Third Rail I think. For simple letters, just print out some Times New Roman font and work to mastery. Master the structure of the letters. I compliment you on working on something easy to begin with. Stick to the word BLUE for a while working with bars and Times.


Third Thing: Don't even think about adding extensions such as arrows or anything until you've mastered your simple letters.


Fourth thing: You don't need to worry about coloring where you're at right now.


Remember, you can't get up if you can't read what you're writing. I hope this helped you out any.



-Solar Oner

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Originally posted by mr.VIRS

got one you should be "the all toy mentor" i m serious


Only when I got the time bro. Mostly when I'm buzzed and waiting on 'this or 'that.

I actually enjoy giving pointers and tips as opposed to clownin' new rookies.


We were all toy at first. Never forget where you come from.:idea:


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Originally posted by Vent2

thanks alot SC, Solar, and Got! i'll work on that stuff ( and completely start over :D )


Good. do like 10 outlines a day. You'll improve fast.

Thanks for not being an ignorant toy :)

Work up and post up.


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