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WARNIG!!! graphic!


but cool> http://images.ogrish.com/2003/54/54_2.jpg





i wonder what that felt like??:lol:





fuck....when ever i click the link it does not work...



so what you do is hilight the link then Ctrl C it then Ctrl V its at the net bar...



DUH...........but this is for the peeps that dont know how to do it.

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Love motorcycles, hate helmets, also hate getting killed


Which is why I very rarely ever ride motorcycles any more. I have seen some fairly gruesome motorcycle wrecks, but the worst one I ever saw was in San Francisco--this guy on a riceburner blew through a red light and hit a guy in a car coming out of a side street. He castrated himself on the gas tank and fairing and hit the driver's side window with his head. The dude was in major agony, hurting so bad he couldn't even scream, just gasping for breath with his mouth open real wide.


A crowd of idiots gathered and just stood around watching the guy flounder around on the pavement. The car driver was fucked up too--the scooter was a big bore Kawasaki, and the ricegrinder hit the driver's side door doing at least fifty. The biker hit the fairing and tank, then went airborne over the car and landed in the street about twenty or thirty years past the crash site.


Motorcycles are dangerous as a motherfucker, and I love them a lot. But what kills bikers is rider inexperience, rider inattentiveness ("Sure Bob, go ahead and have a beer---one beer won't hurt.") and carelessness of automobile drivers.


Bottom line---CAR DRIVERS JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR LIFE. Riding motorcycles is on a par with hopping freight trains in terms of hazard. If anything goes wrong---you're fucked.

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