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a gift from the gods, or nasty shit


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okay okay hear me out on this one

i just made up a new dipping sauce


take about a half cup of mayo

and mix with it a good portion of tapatio hotsauce

blend together until pretty pinkish in color with a bunch of red speckles


im eating tortilla chips with it right now and damn its good

ill let you know if i throw up in the morning

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mayo is good stuff








oh and especially in Uncle Whens Dippin' Sauce

if any of you have some tapatio, its worth a try


i think it would be fuckin awesome on taquitos

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Originally posted by Parted Ways

i heard on the local news channel that they are going to impose a fat tax? like people are thrilled about paying taxes on cigarettes and beer.


I heard about this the other day. Normally, I'd say there is no way in hell it would ever happen, but nowadays....I'm not entirely positive.

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i started drinking this south american tea..


it's really fuckin good, but hey, i love tea..

it needs sugar or else it's kinda bitter like dirt

but it brews in cold water as well as hot and it actually has nutritional value...i recommend it..i got some from whole foods/fresh fields



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