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what kicks you sportin lately?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Originally posted by loopsnew

your sig makes you seem like a :cough: wankster :cough: :P nah. i'm "normal" as hell. except for my shoes and socks :P so judging soley on those pics? sure. rave on!



i wuzn't knockin you i wuz juss thinkin out loud...


if i knocked you they'd be words of hate.;)

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Originally posted by hold the cup

those shoes scream "im better than you" dev.:scream:



Hahha I hope that you didn’t mean that in a mean kinda way.


You should see the grey ones. My hubby has the green ones pictured in my post. But the grey ones are even doper. Its all grey but the adidas stripes are a lil bit of a darker gray. 60 bucks! Can’t go wrong with that!

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Originally posted by loopsnew

krook. i took no offense. i was just joking back. although, i guess you weren't joking, huh? well, i was. :) hate on! :P (a thought out loud is better than no thought at all, imo ;) )


and thanks noum :dazed: :P



i wuzn't hatin man, 'sall good:king:

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Guest 5:00 Shadow


normal shoes!



thank you kilo... shelltoes that's what's up... enuff w/ the bright yellow jawns...

btw thanks for the vida flicks... that's my wife... peace

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