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what kicks you sportin lately?

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Top Posters In This Topic

My black and white chucks and spiked heeled boots for work.


I think I have enough money to buy more shoes this weekend though. I was gonna get the gray ‘roos but they didn’t have any in my size. Then I was gonna get this asics that were black and gold but they didn’t have any my size.


So I’m just gonna get the grey galaxies by adidas.


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Originally posted by ctrl+alt+del

ty whats the deal with those shoes?? i never understood why the heel was like that. do they serve a purpose?



i really have no idea....but the anjans (the yellow ones i posted...) are the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn....ever.

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you guys really don't like my yellows? man. the are so undercover :crazy: my feelings are soooo hurt. :lol:


Originally posted by Tyler Durden

business up front...


party in the back....


sweet. i have the bag to match. see:

http://loopsnew.vwmafia.net/stoopid/shoes/DSC01543.jpg'>they didn't have the shoes small enough when i was buying :( haven't been able to find them online yet.



(the black stripe is red on mine though...)

and i have these ^^^ same mesh puma's but mine are baby blue with the orange stripe. and the jacket to match. heh. these are def mad comfy. i've literally bought 4 shoes in the past month :dazed: its an addiction, for sure.


these are the "kicks" i'm wearing today (a little blurry, but you get the drift):



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