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what the hell is wrong with me


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How much do you weigh?


There's a direct co-relation between how much you weigh, and how alcohol affects you. All that claptrap about mixing drinks, and whiskey (or vodka, or tequila, whatever) afecting you differently is nonsense. Booze is ethanol (ethyl alcohol.) Any way that it gets into your bloodstream will work. Some ways are way more effective than others. For instance, I sure wouldn't inject it unless you really wanted to die. It would stop your heart, like, immediately. Adios, unfortunate person.


In general, I'd say ix-nay on the eedle-nay althogether.


People who drink straight whiskey (say, 80 proof) are drinking a beverage that contains 40% ethanol by weight. The other 60% is water and contaminants from the inside of a charred oak whiskey barrel.


So if you drank a solution of Kool-Aid with 40% ethanol by volume, it would be EXACTLY THE SAME amount of intoxication.


The rule of thumb for psych nurses and ER nurses is "one shot of hard liquor equals one beer equals one glass of wine." The problem is that you can drink three or four shots in a short period of time, but you probably couldn't drink three or four beers that fast without throwing them up. Wine goes down pretty easy, especially if you are eating or entertaining in a social atmosphere. Gotta be careful. You don't want to wind up shitfaced if you need to drive home.

Also, the water in the beer and wine encourages you to urinate, which helps your kidney eliminate the alcohol, but nothing but time can help your liver metabolize the alcohol and it's metabolites.


I once had a co-worker who used to work on a cardiac (heart) unit. She talked about getting these winos in her unit from the ER, who drank a bunch of booze every day, but rarely ate. "Their arteries were clean as a whistle, but their livers looked like a shriveled up old shoe."

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