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KING BLING Appreciation Thread

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after that post in the Asian Girls thread he deserves one....



appreciate, niggas and bitches...



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Originally posted by Parted Ways

deep fried twinkies, what.



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Originally posted by krie

wot exaclty is a twinkie ?


haha, they're hard to explain...


tell one of the nerds to get u a pic and post it...


ur gunna laugh, but they're grub as hell:yum:

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yah well.........................good for him..................i gess hes a "KING" at blingen or whatever..........."TRICK FOO".........


..........."TRIPEN YO"........:king:

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I've posted this before but the way this board goes, yall aint seen it...


diarrhea teef: baby?

tanya588: who is this?

diarrhea teef: where are you right now?

tanya588: you've been trying to get ahold of me for a minute

diarrhea teef: yup

tanya588: who is this?

diarrhea teef: and you played each time

tanya588: I don't even know who this is though

tanya588: to play with ya

diarrhea teef: well you at home right now?

tanya588: no

diarrhea teef: don't know where that is, don't get all freaked out

diarrhea teef: yeah, aight

tanya588: whoa

tanya588: I was about to say

tanya588: who is this?

diarrhea teef: yeah, jus wunderin

diarrhea teef: want to keep that low for a bit

diarrhea teef: but you got a MAN?

tanya588: I can't just hold a conversation with someone that I don't know

tanya588: and no [insert: damn she is one desperate ass girl]

diarrhea teef: I know but you don't know me anyhow

diarrhea teef: my homie threw this to me

tanya588: your homie?

tanya588: who?

diarrhea teef: yeah

diarrhea teef: he made me promise to keep it low

tanya588: this is too weird

diarrhea teef: but maybe if we become friends I'll let it slip over some Hen or sumthin

tanya588: so why would you start talking to someone that you don't even knpw?

tanya588: who in the hell is this?

diarrhea teef: cuz I saw your picture

tanya588: and why do you want to talk to me?

tanya588: what picture?

diarrhea teef: thaught you looked good, especially for a white girl

tanya588: ah - for a white girl

tanya588: heard that shit b4

diarrhea teef: well

tanya588: whateva

diarrhea teef: most white girls aint got no curves

tanya588: who is your freind

tanya588: well this onedoes

diarrhea teef: you look good for a black girl too, dont trip

diarrhea teef: yeah I know this

tanya588: but thatis besidesthe point and who gave you this IM handle

tanya588: LOL

tanya588: someone asked if I was black the other day...

diarrhea teef: whats LOL?

tanya588: lol

tanya588: Laugh out Loud

diarrhea teef: in person or on here?

tanya588: what do you mean>

diarrhea teef: someone thaught you were black standin right in front of you?

tanya588: it just means that whateve you or I was talking about made me laugh

tanya588: yeah

diarrhea teef: LOL...

tanya588: it happens pretty often

diarrhea teef: hmmm, you got a tan

diarrhea teef: ?

tanya588: it was a black girl asking to talk to me about the NCAA

tanya588: yeah

diarrhea teef: you jack her up?

tanya588: naw

tanya588: but I can't just keep talking to you I don't know who this is.

diarrhea teef: yeaH i GUESS SHE COULDA AXED WORSE

tanya588: and its bugging the hellout of me

diarrhea teef: check it I'll talk to my homie and get back at you

diarrhea teef: soon

diarrhea teef: like in a day

tanya588: if you can catch me online

tanya588: that's jacked up

diarrhea teef: I'll get your number but only if he thinks itz kool

tanya588: he's a backstabbing little fuck if he is so afraid of me getting mad that he gave you my info

tanya588: you will not!

diarrhea teef: I'll come whip you up in my BMW if hes feelin it

tanya588: is that supposed to impress me

diarrhea teef: damn

tanya588: cause material shit don't impress me

tanya588: loving god and being a truthful, loving person with responibility makes me happiest

diarrhea teef: like Desitnys Child

tanya588: nope

tanya588: like me!

diarrhea teef: Biance?

diarrhea teef: is that you girl?

tanya588: shut it and spell it right if you are going to spell it

diarrhea teef: alright, I never really sweated spelling anything accept Kilo and Gram

diarrhea teef: but naw I'm just messin wit you girrrl

diarrhea teef: so you got planz this weekend?

tanya588: yeah

tanya588: I always got plans

diarrhea teef: do they include me?

tanya588: nope

diarrhea teef: they can

tanya588: how can they include someone I don't know

diarrhea teef: you can get to know me real quick...

tanya588: no

diarrhea teef: no?

tanya588: you are being shady and keeping secrets

diarrhea teef: whatch u mean?

tanya588: I hate a liar and someone who can't tell the truth when asked a wuestion

tanya588: question I mean

diarrhea teef: naw, just the type of brotha that repspects his friends wishes

tanya588: uh huh

tanya588: whateva

tanya588: and not some female you been stalkin for a minute

diarrhea teef: "I hate a liar and someone who can't tell the truth when asked a wuestion" - well one out of two aint bad

tanya588: I always see this name come up lookin for me

diarrhea teef: how you mean, looking for you?

diarrhea teef: only been trying for like a day

tanya588: yeah this screen name has been trying to get at me for a minute - if it was you or not - I don't know

diarrhea teef: what are you talking bout - itgs been at least 24 hours, not a minute

tanya588: OMIGOD

tanya588: forget it

diarrhea teef: see I can mess 'round - I'm fun

tanya588: no u not

diarrhea teef: yes I is

tanya588: ok if u say so

diarrhea teef: well how can you know?

tanya588: cause you are not making my night any more fun -

diarrhea teef: well how bout this, I'll give you my name and number and you can call me up - but that means that you gotta meet me for a drink

tanya588: no I don't

tanya588: I don;t have to to shit

tanya588: I don'tknow you and I sure as hell am not stupid enough to go somewhere where someone knows what I look like but I don't know what they look lik

diarrhea teef: no for sure I was saying it is the type of thing we could do on a trade

tanya588: e

tanya588: what in the hell does that mean?

diarrhea teef: alright I'll send you a flick

diarrhea teef: hold up

tanya588: ok

tanya588: where are you sending it

tanya588: through here or in email?

diarrhea teef: http://www.geocities.com/illest_sha...ing.orlando.jpg

diarrhea teef: best I could cum up wit

tanya588: how tall are you

tanya588: how old are you?

diarrhea teef: as tall as I am

diarrhea teef: old enough to buy you a drink


tanya588: and why did you send a lady apicture of you flipping me off

tanya588: whateva

tanya588: you run too many circles for me

diarrhea teef: what?

tanya588: I like straight answers

tanya588: I don't beat around the bush with nobody

tanya588: sorry

diarrhea teef: I'll beat that bush like nothin else

tanya588: no who in the hell gave you my info?

tanya588: oh now you disrespetin - I'm out!

diarrhea teef: to girl you know I look good why you frontin'?

diarrhea teef: come on

tanya588: u 2 full of yourself - how could you bring anythin to me when all you can talk about is u

diarrhea teef: so what do you do, where you work at? I work at McDonalds - assistance night shift manager

tanya588: I will say you are an attractive man but too little for my taste...it was very interesting talking with you

tanya588: ask your friend

tanya588: apparently he knows me - ask him where I work

diarrhea teef: wait now

diarrhea teef: 6'1" aint short

diarrhea teef: I aint the tallest brotha but God made up for that

tanya588: see all about yourself

diarrhea teef: well you called me little

tanya588: c-ya

diarrhea teef: no

diarrhea teef: come on now

diarrhea teef: I want to know what you got going on

tanya588: why should I talk to you???

diarrhea teef: you like Sean Paul?

tanya588: You haven't done anything but try and impress me, and by the way that's not a BMW...

diarrhea teef: because I think you're beautiful

tanya588: and

diarrhea teef: no thats my old car

tanya588: you are full of yourself that's an immediate turn off

diarrhea teef: how, cuz I got a thug dick?

tanya588: I don't care!

tanya588: Do you think that's supposed to make me run to the bar and have adrink with you -

tanya588: well it won't

diarrhea teef: but I am also a god fearing Christian thug like Tupac - I think therre iz a heaven for a G

tanya588: I;m deeper than that and it makes me madthat that is all you can bring to the table!

diarrhea teef: come on girl

tanya588: whatever

tanya588: get off the thug shit already

tanya588: its old

diarrhea teef: I am reading the Bible

tanya588: I'm not - that doesn't impress me either, and don't lie either!!!!!

tanya588: tell me some real shit not some bullshit!

diarrhea teef: Also I am reading Jewelz Vern - that old homie

tanya588: didn't think that this would be that hard did ya -

tanya588: considering I am JUST a white girl

tanya588: whatever the hell thats supposed to mean

diarrhea teef: I am writing my own book called Uncle Toms Time Machine

diarrhea teef: I got 2 pages written

tanya588: I have a fucking head on my shoulders and its not to be fucjed with

diarrhea teef: fucjed?

tanya588: fucked

tanya588: I was in a hurry

diarrhea teef: well ikf you insist

tanya588: smart ass too

diarrhea teef: psyche

diarrhea teef: come on girl I got game like R. Kelly

tanya588: ohhhhhhhhhhh

tanya588: I do not like you

diarrhea teef: see you know you laughin

tanya588: you are rude, crude and disrespectful

diarrhea teef: I got more game than a PS 2?

tanya588: no really I'm not

diarrhea teef: no

diarrhea teef: I am crude but not disrespectful

diarrhea teef: I do wear magnums doh

tanya588: my moms right here and doesn't know why I;m even bothering cussing your ass out for being the way you are

diarrhea teef: huh?

tanya588: yeah what now

tanya588: keep it up

diarrhea teef: yo tell your moms she can meet me for a drinmk

diarrhea teef: ...if she looks like you

tanya588: fuck you

diarrhea teef: come on thats harsh

tanya588: you don't know me to play with me like that - that's my moms

diarrhea teef: no, no offense meant

tanya588: so are you

tanya588: you are harsh!

diarrhea teef: but I could be your step dad soon if you would quit cock blockin'

diarrhea teef: see I am so funny

tanya588: I'm blocking you out of my AIM

tanya588: peace out!!!! Hope that this was amusing for you

diarrhea teef: why baby?

diarrhea teef: nooooooooooo

tanya588: that I am not!

diarrhea teef: you got that white girl ass

diarrhea teef: hullo?

tanya588: what in the hell do you want from me

diarrhea teef: just your time, your mind.....

diarrhea teef: and dat hind

tanya588: you play a whole lot of games

diarrhea teef: and I always win

tanya588: not this time

tanya588 signed off at 7:44:57 PM.

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