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build up and destroy: volume one.

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these are all from 2 or 3 years ago. i started doing my sketchbooks as volumes. for instance the one after this was called "breaking flower pots: volume two" but yeah, these are all from the first "volume."


poor scan quality, go fuck yourself.





^^i don't really recall what this is from. i think it might be my rendition of jim rose.


^^stupid fucking kids.


^^toilet. located in bottom right corner of page. nothing else on page.


^^i dont know where this is from. but i did burn the edges of the page. i guess that's kinda cool.


^^flowers. word says destroy. location: same as toilet.


^^the idea for this came from somewhere im sure. it might even be totally biten. i dont know.


^^i did this when i was mad. but when i was drawing it i kept thinking that i had seen it before.


^^that is some girl. that is all i know.



hopefully you enjoyed my little exhibition. it will most likely be my only one ever, i just wanted to share memories with the wonderful world of 12oz.



yours, iloveboxcars.

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not bad... im likin some of it, like he first robot guy espeially, not feelin the more realistic lookin ones like the girl though, but they alright.

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keep in mind the more realistic ones have alot more detail my scanner just didnt pick it up because it is all in pencil.

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i don't draw graffiti in my sketchbooks.


the only time i draw graffiti on paper is when i need to plan out a whole car... because i can't do whole cars on the fly.

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I like the baby and the second picture with the guy because the anatomy is off

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