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i agree with make it happen

it is original in the sense that some times you just use a line whereas most people would make it atleast 2-d if that makes sense you know some times you just make lines instead of letters and ive never seen anyone else do that so props to you otherwise i think you should color your drawing soas to make them more readable like 3-d them and color all the 3-d the same color

good luck

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thanks lore and wow. i occasionally color some of my sketches but i really dont like too. it takes me too long and im not that great at it. recently ive been learning how to shade the letters though and ill put some of that up later. it makes it a lot less bland.

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--- I think you should work on your simples. Well, according to that sketch you posted on page 1 or 2... Then again, it didn't look like you put much effort into it. You said that whenever you go paint, you do simples. Not being a bitch but can we have a look at the stuff you've done on the walls?


--- I'm not really feelin' those Characters. Your skull is pretty good though...





^This is ok. But it seems like the character isn't in place. Y'know, the character is crooked on the paper. It's either the character is crooked or you caught the image at a crooked angle...





--- Your style [i guess that's what I should call it] is pretty nice. I can't seem to read it though... but I like it for some reason. :D Keep that shit. Don't change it.


--- You don't suck at coloring at all bro. That first piece you colored was off but that second one was NICE. You should color some more... Think of it this way, the more you color, the better you'll be at it. :D



Keep practicing, I'll definetly do the same? Yo CKIT, how long have you been writing? Just curious...




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still likin ya styuff man.. but like everyone else says, color em! It'd look that much iller lol. though I still like em without 3D and without color too.. guess it makes em harder to read, but I read em just fine. My favorite is the one you said you made floatin or somethin. I like that one. It's different than a lot of other ones ya did... like the bottom isnt like all on one curved/striaght line and i dunno, the style of the letters looks hot and I'm feelin the way you did ONE lol. Yea, so keep at it man, you got good stuff, and an original style... which IMO is damn important. Cuz who wants to look like everyone else... you'd rather have a style that people know it's you when they see it. So keep at it, good work and yea, I'm ramblin haha... peace.

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