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critique my sketches

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1st things 1st, work on that tag

thats the most important thing, worry about markers and what have you later...

as for letters - go more simple - master the handstyle and you'll see how things get easier from there

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yes, gotcha.. will work on that tag, im never saticfied with my tags..ever... but yeah i need to start out simpler


ive changed what i wrote a few times now and im getting sick of it, and i know its not going to get any easier if i just keep changing.. so i might as well get goos with shor. but thanks a lot.

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u got this but like my boy sed worry about color later .....when i started out i didnt colr 4 2 yrs. cuz i knew it woodve either cluttered the pic or mess it up i was even afraid 2 color bcuz uv that but get the letterfiures rite then move on it might help if u shade to substitute for the color but ......thats just my 2 cents....keep up

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