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Originally posted by JayFo

ok I'm just curious bout this... can someone tell me how the hell zone makes his shit stand out like this??




Does he use prismas? another kinda marker? what? Cuz I wanna get markers that can do that and stand out and look nice like that... cuz colored pencils i use suck. Just curious how him, got, izze and lots of others make their shit just stand out nicely. And if it is with prismas... is there any special way to use them, to make them look better? or do you color it like a normal marker and it jsut looks nice. I dunno, just wondering cuz I wanna get some good markers and not sure what to get.


Few simple steps...

Use a thicker outline on your piece...

If you ouline in black use lighter colors for your fill. Then make sure your 3-d is a little darker or lighter than your piece to make it stand out.

Then use darker colors from a different end

of the color spectrum for your background.


You can use the prisma colored pencils on top

of prisma markers to smooth out and add fades or to make some colors brighter.


But basically, make it bolder and add CONTRAST.

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^thanks for the advice, I'll definetly think about my color schemes more and use the ideas you gave me. I definetly need more colored pencils or markers in the first palce cuz i hardly have any colors.


Now that I get what ya sayin there, I'm look at zone's piece and it almost looks like it's painted on, ya know? It's like the colors are so vibrant and just stand out... so I'm curious what markers he used to do that. And does he color it once and maybe color a second time? I dunno, just curious bout that as well.


But thank you for the advice.


Also Bob Barker, the block letters, you mean the simple ones right? If ya do, yea... i'm gonan work on the block letters and throw ups. I really need to practice them and get some nice one jsut cuz I never really practice them. Once I get some neater ones drawn or new and better ones drawn, I'll post those.


Thanks for any comments added to this thread and anymore would be appreciated, good or bad, criticism or shit talk... whatever ya want. I really don't care if shit talk, if anyhtin it makes me wanna work harder at it....

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Originally posted by JayFo

Wow, please practice, cuz that is horrible...




reasons why i think that... first off, it looks like a punch of random shit thrown together really sloppily. what the hell does it even say? Second, you should learn how to do 3D right... rememebr that all 3D lines must be the same length and paralell or all going to the same vanishing point, otherwise it looks off. Third, get some letter structure... it's pretty important.

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haha ya funny hecz... first off, I know how to do my 3D correctly, second off, I do have letter strucutre in the Rica piece and it is ledgible and not excessively wild (do not say anythin about the first Jice piece cuz that is very old and i know that it's too much extrea stuff, I cut it down in the Rica one). Now please, if you can tell me how I am wrong, then go ahead... but very creative, talkin what I say to someone that really has no letter structure, or no sense of perspective and turn it back on me. I am no where near very good, but I know what I write has letter structure and correct 3D.

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Also I'd like to add, only thing I do agree with you on is that the messy pencil sketches are VERY messy and ugly. They were first tries at new styles from scratch and at the time I could have cared less about them bein messy. Usually I'll go for neater though, just look at the Rica piece.


I'm sorry if I sound like I'm the shit when I try givin any advice, but I don't think I am... I know i ain't great, but I do have the basics of letter structure and 3D down and for the msot part try to keep my work neat.


Now Hecz, thank you for ya criticism, it's just gonna make me wanna try harder to "impress" you and others and prove ya wrong really. But I do have to disagree with takin the advice I gave to someone and givin it to myself.

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your still doing it. Stop.


When your gonna make a throw - your pencil touches the paper for maybe like 2 to 5 seconds per letter. Yours look like maybe 10 - 15 seconds because your making like marks at at a time. YOu have to be 3 times faster then that. Get it right.

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