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Fuck Navy Assholes!

Fox Mulder

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what the fuck. for the third time in the past month i have lost pussy to a fucking sailor. these guys are like 22-24 and getting 17-18 yearold girls. can't they get pussy their own age? i was so drunk and depressed last night i was seriously considering stabbing one. boofuckinghoo:mad:

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and you havnt learned yet??


mufucka go rent yourself a sailor costume, shiiiit its not hard to figure that out, is it?

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That's Wierd


Things must have improved since I was in the Marines. Everybody bitched piteously all the time that the girls in California hated Marines and that we couldn't even get common courtesy from grocery store cashiers and people like that.


However, when the Sixth Fleet in San Diego went to sea, you could hear the cheering from the First Marine Division clear down in San Diego. Everybody rushed down to Broadway Street and got lucky. I love the Navy. Especially when they all go to WestPac and leave their girlfriends stuck in shithole apartments in Mission Beach, lonely and bored.


Some people say that lonely Navy wives would put a broom on the porch if the coast was clear, LOL. I never actually found that to be true, but I did meet a number of very interesting young women in bars in San Diego when the Fleet was gone. I think it's because the Navy wives thought that entertaining some 19-year-old Marine for a night didn't really count as "cheating." Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel---there were so many of us, and we were all in top physical condition with a paycheck burning a hole in our pocket. Like a kid in the candy store---all of us strong young Marines---hard for the Navy girls to resist at least sampling a few.

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where i grew up, only ugly chicks went out with military dudes. it was like how kabar described, GIs (what we called them) acted like arrogant pricks, so everyone in the community hated them. among all the local high schools, it was known that if a girl dated a GI, it meant she couldn't get a decent guy, because GIs have no standards and will fuck anything that walks.

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Well, There ARE Marine Corps Groupies


As well as groupies for other services. This is the basis for a bunch of movies, like "An Officer and a Gentleman", for instance. There are U.S. Navy SEAL bars (at least two, as I recall) where nobody else is welcome. The SEALs are mean as a snake, so if anybody else shows up at their bar and tries to get in, you get your ass kicked bad. I went in a bar with a friend of mine who was in UDT 11 (I think that's right---shit, it was like twenty-six years ago) and had a beer in the afternoon. The whole time we were there I was pretty nervous. The SEALs all know each other, so they would recognize an outsider instantly, especially a Marine (different haircut.)


We had our bars as well. My favorite Marine Corps bar was "The Swallows' Inn" in the town of San Juan Capistrano, CA. I lived in Capistrano Beach, just up the road from Doheny State Beach and Dana Point. San Juan Capistrano is famous for the Mission San Juan Capistrano, which was part of the original mission system in California. Legend has it that the place was populated with swallows that sang all day as soon as the mission was consecrated, and that the swallows return to the mission every year on the same day. Right down the road from the mission is the Swallow's Inn, where bad ass hard-drinkin' local cowboys, Marines and bikers return every night to drink and raise hell. The local cops were all former Marines, so you had to be pretty far out of line to get arrested. A simple fight, or something like that, they usually just put you in handcuffs, drove you a few blocks away, bitched you out and turned you loose. I got pulled over once with beer awash on the floorboards of my car (like idiots, we sneaked glasses of beer out of the bar, and everybody set his glass down on the car floor) and the cop shined his flashlight on this sea of beer, and was like "Looks like you got a leak somewhere. Don't speed in my Dana Point, Marine."


Of course, this bar attracts girls from all over the place. Not only WM's (Women Marines--they don't call them that anymore--more PC bullshit---we called them Split Tail Marines, but not to their faces.) There are some women who actually love Marines. (My wife has been married to two jarheads. She says she can spot a former Marine by the way he carries himself, the way he walks.) A lot of girls apparently really like the bad boy thing, so cowboys, bikers and jarheads are right up their alley. I knew a lot of guys who wound up getting laid by some chick right in the parking lot behind the Swallows'. All the girls aren't ho's by any means.


Another Marine Corps friend of mine, who was a genuine bull-ridin' cowboy, met a girl there on a Friday night. They danced and got drunk on tequila shooters, then he drunkenly asked her to marry him. She was wasted too, so she said yes. They got in his truck and headed for Reno, NV to get married. Somewhere out in the desert, they sobered up. She said, "Hey, I like you, but you don't really have to marry me."

He said, "Are you backing out? I'm a man of my word."

She said, "No way. I will definately marry you if you say "yes."


They went to Reno, got married, spent Saturday gambling and then headed back home.

She said "My Mom lives in Irvine and is on a ranch there." He thought she meant her Mom worked on a horse ranch in Irvine.


Turns out her Mom OWNED a horse ranch in Irvine.


He married the only daughter of a millionaire horse-racing family.


Absolutely true story.

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Originally posted by mr_president

:lol: thats funny..


ive been going to a few parties and clubbing and just hanging out with the in crowd downtown and whatnot... because its "the thing to do" or whatever for people my age...


it was pretty depressing, the parties i feel like i dont fit in anywhere, its like highschool all over again, little clicks here and there and so on...


im never going to get a girl... fuck it though, im about to just imrpove on myself and make money... fuck everyone else...


no one wants your tp read your life story in every thread you post in

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