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i like those kids who are desperate to be cool, start smoking and talk about how addicted they are and are alwase like " i need to quit man, im gonna die hahahahaha" i gess they say that to act like they have been smoking for a long time when they havent.


i was with this one kid who "said he quit" but when we met up with some friends who were smoking he got all jumpy n shit, then he grabed a smoke and started to act "cool" i started laughing then i punched his neck and called him a poser. we all laughed at him and told him to quit trying to fit in. he went home and we didnt see him for a few days.


hes dumb:king:

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the thing about it is, in most situations, it does make you look cool. ive tested this by accident, its true. but if you're really a hug nerd allready it will only make things worse. maybe. i dont really know im just like woo woo.

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Originally posted by crave

what is a hug nerd??


a nerd what is huge. in their nerdiness. what i mean is if someone tries to smoke a cigarette to be cool but looks really akward and dumb doing it, it just makes it obvious they're doing it to look cool.

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Originally posted by BeetNIK

ok so it is an addiction, i still think its stupid you need to rely on a drug to calm down. but let me ask you this, why did you start smoking? this goes for everbody.


i think if you really like the taste of tobacco you smoke cigars, not cigarettes...

i dont know why. i was 19, which i find weird, it seems like kids are usually alot younger when they start. i used to go out sit around and bullshit when the smoke breaks came along because it was just a chance to get out of my shitty job for a few. one day, he asked if i wanted one. so i said sure. smoked, coughed, got a headrush and then had to shit reeeeeally bad. haha. so for three months i bummed ciggs, i figured i wasnt a smoker until i bought my own pack, one day i cracked, and ive been coughing up shit ever since. especially now that im always at the bar and whatnot, i drink, i smoke. i know it doesnt make sense to some. thats just the way it be is. so in short, i was bored. its a social thing, you go outside, smoke and bullshit. its like a seven minute time warp. when i drive the 9 hour drive home, i smoke like a motherfucker. it sucks. anyways, youre right, im wrong. dont smoke, youll live longer.

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I smoked for 13 years


Age 13 til 26. It makes me wince, thinking how stupid I must have looked at age thirteen, hanging around the bowling alley or the movie theatre with a butt hanging out of my mouth. We thought we were so cool.

I rolled my own smokes when I was a full-time tramp. It was cheaper. Plus, it was kind of social. Somebody was always looking for a cigarette, and rolling his own cigarette usually wasn't what he had in mind. The old guys all smoked tailor-mades. Or a pipe.


I do miss rolling my own smokes.


But I don't miss coughing up globs of green shit every morning. I don't miss fiending for nicotine and being broke and out of tobacco. I don't miss being winded and breathless.


My mom smoked for forty years. She started during WWII, when she was in high school. Back in those days, colleges were usually segregated by sex (as well as race,) and in the thirties a new idea came along "Co-education." that meant boys and girls going to the same colleges, a radical idea, in it's day. Girls who went to co-educational schools were called "co-eds." It had a sort of sassy connotation, sort of a "smart, sexy young girl who is unsupervised." Mom told me once "I started smoking because I thought it made me sort of look older--people might think I was a co-ed."


Today, she's in a hospital on a ventilator, with a tracheostomy in her throat, barely able to breathe, on oxygen. She is fed through a tube that goes through the abdominal wall into her stomach. She lost fifteen pounds in the last three months, and everybody is worried sick about that trend. She cannot drink water, or eat regular food, or even swallow anything, because of the breathing tube. Her lungs are permenantly damaged beyond repair from smoking. Every goddamned breath is a gasp.


Go ahead. Smoke all you want. Fuck the laws. Fuck the anti-smoking people. Nobody has a right to tell you that you can't smoke.


Every decision has it's CONSEQUENCES. My mom never imagined, back in 1942, when she was a beautiful young high school girl in the peak of health, that when she lit that first cigarette it was going to put her where she is today.


She was young, and healthy, and beautiful, and who knew? The war might last forever. Go ahead---"Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco!" Victory cigarettes were practically free. The boys all smoked Camels.


All the boys in her class that smoked are dead. Cancer. Heart disease. Emphysema. Atherosclerosis.


In my Mom's room, facing her bed, is a picture of her and my Dad, when they were dating. She looks about seventeen. My Dad is skinny as a rail, and wearing his Army Air Force uniform. They are both smoking.

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Originally posted by SleepAnDream

i drive the 9 hour drive home



????!!!!?!??!! 9 hours!! fuck man! get a new job thats closer to home


no wonder your smoking!! and the paint cans are bad enugh.








ok... your are now free!:king:

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