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My neighbors got raided 2day

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so da police raided my neighbors apartment and some other apartment a couple doors down 2day so heres how it went down im chillin downstairs in da living room with my little bro and my bud and my dad and like we hear a car pull in da lot and i notice its a cop car so then i get up 2 see whats poppin and i only see 1 cop car and i look in da back and theres hella cop cars and they surrounding da place man then i go bac up front and we see them settin up in front of my neighbors door and they bust that shit down man my neighbor wasnt there but his girl and her kid was and then i get outside cause my moms gets home so i help her carry some bags in and i see they busted another door in at my apartment and like its no secret that my neighbor is a drug dealer but he cool i know him from high skool and he cool and plus its kinda nice 2 see all my boys all da time comin over there to get they fix but neways he wasnt home when they busted in only his girl and her kid was and all 2gether they arrested 3 people 2 out of da other house and searched 2 cars 2 apartments man they tore them apart they was knockin down walls and shit its crazy and after all that went down today i go out 2 play some ball and i notice that theres a trail on me now i think cause im at da park and for like 45 minutes theres a cop car jus chillin in da middle of da street watchin me play and they not jus sittin there they get out da car and watch and then tehy drive into da parkin lot and watch then bac out into da streets and then they leave and i leave a little after that and while im walkin home i see them drive by me twice and i dont have far 2 walk so someone driving by twice never happens so i dont know if they trailing me or not but sure seems like it

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