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ive missed the garbage man 2 weeks in a row now

Guest beardo

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Guest beardo

that fucker keeps rolling through earlier and earlier. what ever happened to the good ol days where i could take it out on my way to work?


why god?



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Guest beardo

i'll just put it out the night before


i dont like to though, cus animals and bums rip the shit apart. oh well.


beardo/lets talk about garbage

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I MISSED my trash collection last week cause memorial day fucked the days up and didn't take it out the week before cause there wasn't enouph trash to warrant a trip to the curb, and i have a few dead fish in my can from my aquarium, that shit is starting to reak!!!! i think i am going to put it on the curb today or tommorow and jsut let it sit there until friday.... not too many bums or animals in my hood...

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Beardo's always been an undercover mod.


My garbage pickup is at night because I live on a street

with so much comercial frontage. And because of the stores

and bars and such, there's always a few bums digging around.

One time my bag was ripped open and all of this old paperwork

was scattered around the street. That's a serious piss off.

It made me want to buy a paper shreder for my home.


This other time I walked out and found one of the 'recycler bums'

going though my bags. They look for beer bottles or cans or anything

else of value. I slamed my door on the way out and jumped to about 2

feet from the guy. "Tie it back up!". He did, then left quickly.

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shady shmady !


I've dumped some serious shit behind some of the club/restos in my area.

I'm talking couches, furniture, really busted wierd shit.....


And I've filled up some of their recycling bins with my shit too.

Why? Well they get a pickup every day and resifents only get it once

a week. Plus they're way stricter on what residents can put out.

You have one broken bottle in your blue box and shit will stay on the curb.

Bars get away with it so why not use that to my advantage?

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