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Flow ish

Bring this piece of paper the next time you go looking out for sex

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Age:__________ Phone:______________



Hair Color:__________

Real Hair Color:____________

Eye Color:___________


Dentures: __________

Weight: _________


Waist Size: __________

Breast or Bra Size: __________


Marital Status:



Divorced:_________ Other__________


Are Your Breasts Real? ____________

Do You Like Them:

Sucked_________ Chewed__________ Kissed____________

Caressed__________ Squeezed________ Licked_________


All of the Above____________


Can You Stay Out Late? _____________ How Late?_____________

All Night? _________ Several Days? ___________


Do You Like To Have Sex And Be Screwed All Night? ____________


How Often? __________


Do You Like Oral Sex? _____________


Pussy Size:

Small ________ Medium __________

Large ____________ Extra Large __________



While Screwing Do You:

Faint______ Fart______ Cry______ Moan______

Hum______ Whistle______ Scream_______ Sing_______

Scratch___________ Just Lay There_________

All of the Above_____________________




List the Top 3 Positions You Like the Best:






When You Cum Do You:

Wiggle______ Wobble__________

Twist_______ Jerk_________ Scream________

Cry________ Just Start Humping Like Hell___________



What Kind of Screw Do You Like?

Fast_________ Super Fast__________ Slow__________

All Night____________ All Speeds___________



How Many Times? _________________

How Long Do You Like To Screw At

One Interval? ___________________________



If You Have Screwed Before, Give Two(2) References

(Not Immediate Family)


Name:______________ Address:______________



Name:______________ Address:______________




Would your service be Free of Charge?_______


If Application Is Favorable, And If Not Free,

What Are Your Charges For:


One Night_________ One Hour____________

Muff Burger Special or Blow Job?___________


What Credit Cards Will You Accept?


Master Card_____ VISA______ Am. Express_______

Sears________ JC Penney's___________

All of the Above________ Others_________



Comments __________________________



-Taken from funnyjunk.com-

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Guest krie
Originally posted by Flow ish




only towards you

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Guest Pilau Hands

or not, you know whatever.

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