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RIP Jaunt


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i cant say we were the best of friends.. we had some drama and all that.. the whole cata - dfw drama bullshit.. bein friends with him and wafl and still being friends with fohr and home for a minute or three.. he helped me a TON with letter structure and taught me alot about detroit i didnt even know..


miss the kid.. for sure. jauntice.. yellow baby oner..


one love..

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I lost something inside of me the day Scott left all of us...I've kept myself distant from graff lately...maybe I'm trying to forget about the times Scott and I chilled, whether it was at the yard paintin, or up at school sketchin or party hoppin after Irates gigs. Scott taught me how to play this game, and how to play it right. He took me back to basics, he made me build a strong foundation off of straight letters. He would always tell me (in my problems of name-hopping) that it's not how the letters work, it's how you work the letters. He always let me know if someone else was rockin a name harder than me, and was an honest critic (because he knew what he was talking about). Because of Scott my skills increased greatly and more knowledge gained. From Luk to Jest to Sakn to what it is right now- TAUHR it is all do to Scott. For the short amount of time that i knew Scott, it felt like i lost a brother. We had an instant connection, and instant bond...You helped everyone around you paint crisp, bomb hard, and flic more. I know you have been watching me progress, and i know you are proud. -Tony

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He lives on in a much better place!


Scott lived a short life, although it appears he touched the lifes of many. It is rewarding to read the comments of all his friends and see how he lives on. He is missed more than anyone can imagine .... a father should never experience the loss of a son. Now that he is gone there no doubt that he enjoyed the life that he lived. It is rewarding to know that he gave more than he took and left the world a better place than when he arrived. In the end he was the organ donor that his loggin expressed. Because of Scott others can now see through his eyes, feel the presence of his skin and enjoy the strength of his bones. Bless each of you and my you find peace in your lifes. R. Scott Trotter's Father

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Originally posted by cømmunist

never knew him, just always saw his stuff. really liked it. i have photos i can post if anyone cares.

edit: Post 'em!!!!!!


All I can hope is that this kid knows how many

people he's inspired.... god, if the people who

didn't have a chance to meet him only knew

how unique Scott really was..


I miss you like you wouldn't believe.




Rest In Peace, Scott. I'll see you someday.

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