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if you have a weak stomach this aint for you

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Originally posted by effyoo

Bad enough he gets murdered, the fucks that did it were sick enough to videotape it.



Can't trust those muslim rebels.


On a serious note, under normal circumstances it would be fair to say that going out unceremoniously as that would be horrific. In times of war though, it's almost common routine. Especially ethnic ones. We just don't get to see it very often. The guy might've "deserved" to go out like that, we'll never know.

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Originally posted by Jesus of Nazareth

There is a version of this complete with sound out there in the virtual world, and it is much worse than without. They really shouldn't have cut away so soon. There is another which has a guy sitting on a hill tied up. He is shot in the gut and then has his head sawed off with a machette (sp?) while he kicked his feet and trys weakly to fend off the soldiers who seem to be doing this recreationally.


yeah, you can find all those plus a whole rack of others in the video section of www.consumptionjuntion.com for those who didnt know...now you do. enjoy. i know you will...

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Seen worse. You just have to realise that people die. In fact, having your throat cut like that isn't the most painful way to die. There are much slower ways.


In theory, his airpipe collapsing + lack of oxygen means that he'd be dead in under 15 seconds. Add to that the fact that he'll be drowning in his own blood, I give him 5 seconds of pain before he's unable to feel anything. The kicking is probably reflex action. So yeah.


I know I've got problems.

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Originally posted by Rodney Trotter

Access to this web page is restricted at this time.


Reason: The Websense category "Racism and Hate" is filtered.







Damn work firewall.


websense sucks doesnt it....

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