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The Coelacanth originated 400 million years ago from the same stock of fish that gave rise to the ancestors of land-dwelling vertebrates called tetrapods (including us).

Three indentations on either side of the snout lead to a peculiar cavity, a jelly-filled rostral organ, which very likely functions as an electro-receptor to help in the location of prey (similar to that of sharks). Along the sides of the fish a pressure sensitive lateral line is well developed to sense the proximity of other fishes and surrounding structures.





Instead of a brain, "true" jellyfish possess an elementary nervous system, or nerve net, which consists of receptors capable of detecting light, odor and other stimuli and coordinating appropriate responses.


Venom, infrared, hollow bones.....


I doubt this will be a succesful thread, but throw up odd, almost alien traits found in the animal kingdom. It doesnt matter what it is...

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