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Here is your chance to own a part of hip-hop history!

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All diehard Eminem fans, multimedia entrepreneurs, TV, print, and all media outlets!!!


Here is your chance to own a part of hip-hop history!

Will The Real Eminem Please Stand UP!!!


You will be bidding on a 1-hour mini DV cassette containing uncut behind the scenes footage of the famous hip hop performer Eminem, AKA Marshal Mathers!

This tape was shot prior to his rise to fame.

This tape contains scenes of Eminem eating his own boogers (mucus membranes)!!!

Forget the movie 8-Mile! This is the real story behind the rap battles!

Watch Eminem battle himself to prove his rhyming skills, but instead he is booed off the stage.

Watch as crowds of hundreds of people chant "F%$k that Honky! Buck that Honky!"

And he continued to return each week to gain acceptance by the audience!

Go with Eminem as he enters his first real recording session at Prince's Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota!

Watch Eminem make his first cameo appearance in a music video along with his real life brother, Lil Nate. This video is the same music video that he "borrowed" the concepts to make 4 of his own music videos "My Name Is", " The Real Slim Shady" , " I Just Don't Give A F$%k", _and "Purple Hills".

Watch for yourself as Slim gets "shady" by taking his video concepts from the very people who brought him into the music business! (But he fails to acknowledge this!)

Watch him as the true story unfolds seven miles above 8 mile!

At 15 mile where the real story takes place in the suburbs of Detroit, rather than the hood!

Watch the full sets of Eminem performing at Centerline High School and Lake View High School! You will be able to see the famous artist himself dressed in goofy clothing and sporting a haircut worse than Mr. T!


This auction is not a joke, prank or scam!!!!


The highest bidder of this auction will own this footage!

Opening Bid Starts at $100,000.00


If you wish to become the next Joe Francis, and put out your own "Eminem Gone Wild" _type video now is your chance! If you are a magazine publisher, TV producer, or any type of media outlet this is your chance to get some real material on the hip-hop artist Eminem. Imagine having a freeze frame of this footage for the cover of your magazine.


This could be the biggest selling cover story of your publications' history!

Source Magazine! XXL! Rolling Stone! Spin!

Where are y'all at?


this is off the wall funny. i especially like how they have to clarify boogers as "(mucous membranes!)"


i wonder if anyone would drop the bank to get ahold of this and make some EMINEM: EXPOSED tape or something...

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dude, i already made a bid, hope i win.


















wait no i dont, fuck em and his life.

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that pictures misleading...its not real..its from another MOVIE he was in called the hiphop witch...im pretty sure at least...but as far as that picture of him in court..it looks like hes fucking crying..and thats the court appearence he always brings up in his lyrics as if t makes him gangster...but whatever he raps tight

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