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some pittsburgh flavor

so i'm in my english final exam...

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i'm at a loss for what to do. the exam consists of revising a dialogue scene. mine is between two people in a garage, one's a heroin addict, they are watching golf on mute and listening to the laptop. character 1 goes off, and comes back high as hell on heroin... character 2 subsequently lets him know friends of his just got busted, he's going down next, etc. etc. scene ends with arguments and char 2 leaving.


teacher says i need less preaching about drugs, but i can't figure out anything to do. there are two other characters, a girl their age, and a 50-something year old man.


any ideas? please??

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Originally posted by ARCEL

have the old man have a heart attack or some other health problem, then have character 2 and the girl save him


or you can have girl save him and then give him a gummer. :lol:

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yeah, i know. writing's not my thing.



current dialogue:

Mikro: you look pale


Tom shrugs his shoulders


Mikro: you’re high as hell


Tom: man…. Why you gotta gimme that hassle, man… i-i-I don’t fuckin… give you no hassle bout what you do man…. Why you gotta give me that hassle…


Mikro frustrated: whatever…. It’s not like what you do affects me really. Who am I, your mother?


Tom: yeah man…. Thinking you my mom and everything….. damn right you think you’re my mom…. I don’t need this hassle… this hassling I’m getting man

Mikro: Mary Poppins and all them little penguin guys cam up here the other day, talking about selling Iceland to the Swedes. ‘Iceland to the Swedes?’ I said. ‘Yeah,’ she says, ‘Ever since year twelve we’ve been trying to sell it to the Swedes’ talking about The Hulkster didn’t hit her in the head with a bike lock.


Tom: Who was that?


Mikro: who was what?...

Tom rubbing his forehead: came here bout the bike lock


Mikro: I had a bike lock here yesterday.


Tom: No… I don’t need to know that….jackass who did you…. Who did you say was talkin about gettin hit with a bike lock…


Mikro: ….

Mikro: haha… ok, Tom….

Mikro sits down further in the chair and puts his shoes on the corner of the desk so he is in sortof a diagonally-slanted squat position

Mikro: Mikro hard because shoes equal green –

Mikro picking at a bit of dirt on the side of his right shoe: remember when Chauncey and them came up here with Mary Poppins talking about We gonna find us some Swedes and invade Poland before Stalin gets his hands on it?



(sorry mikro, i stole your name)

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Guest Pilau Hands

Ahem. (cockney accent) 'Kippers for breakfast, Aunt Helga? Is it St. Swithin's Day already?' 'Tis,' replied Aunt Helga ...

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Originally posted by mr_president



what kind of fucking school do you goto where you have computer access during a final?


how can i sign up?




go somewhere else you peice of shit




Mickey and Minnie were going thru a bitter

long drawn out divorce court battle both

attorneys were accusing each side of terrible

treatment and the battle lasted for days.


Finally the judge says "OK I've heard enough,

I'm going to take a 1 hour break and I'll come

back with my decision"


One hour passes with both sides squirming in

their seats. Finally the judge emerges from his

chambers sits down and looks across the court

room and down at Mickey and says, "Well Mr.

Mouse, I've heard your arguments but I'm afraid

this court has found you have been unable to

prove that your wife is crazy"


Mickey looks up at the judge perplexed and

says, "Crazy? I didn't say she was crazy!

I said she was fucking goofy".

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