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Dwarf tossing

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Guest The Dictionary
Originally posted by AeRoS0ul:



Main Entry: 1dwarf

Pronunciation: 'dworf

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural dwarfs /'dworfs/; also dwarves /'dworvz/

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English dwerg, dwerf, from Old English dweorg, dweorh; akin to Old High German twerg dwarf

Date: before 12th century

1 a : a person of unusually small stature; especially : one whose bodily proportions are abnormal b : an insignificant person

2 : an animal or plant much below normal size

3 : a small legendary manlike being who is usually misshapen and ugly and skilled as an artificer

4 : a star (as the sun) of ordinary or low luminosity and relatively small mass and size


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Originally posted by ZENYTH.ASP:

beetle fuckin juice.....


did anyone hear him play gary the retard in "password"?


the password is: sad


ok Gary the clue is cry.....



primetime comedy...

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