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These pics of mine are old, like, the blackbook that these pics were scanned from, well its not much a book anymore..this shit's from liiike late 2001? Anyway, i swear to you all my style's come far from this... i've just been lacking in the Bic Department, so this shit fits this thread. (humble beginnins yadda yadda) :D :D :D :D








Ima gonna go fiiind some pens somewhere to redeem myself for this reply.

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hey here's some more from that beatup ole blackbook.. hey here's a photo of the cover.



annd more from the book..

http://www.hpphoto.com/sessions/6913213401...62/22432371.jpg http://www.hpphoto.com/sessions/6913213401...62/22432367.jpg


annd more shit taped into the book but not drawn on the pages.



annd more shit that still ballpoint but not in the book instead in some class bullshit.


annd more shit in that class bullshit but not ballpoint but its better than that beat up blackbook... and it's 6 months newer.

http://www.hpphoto.com/sessions/6913213401...62/22432373.jpg http://www.hpphoto.com/sessions/6913213401...62/22432375.jpg http://www.hpphoto.com/sessions/6913213401...62/22432374.jpg


Annd my cheezy ass trying to prove that i've made progress from since then with MORE pictures. (yea i posted this next shit on some other thread)


http://www.hpphoto.com/sessions/6913213401...62/22291589.jpg http://www.hpphoto.com/sessions/6913213401...62/22291594.jpg


My server or whatever makes these images die out quik so in afew days i might need to post them on some other .com.... haha, i dont get slammed for this collection too hard.:o



edited: i gave people the option to view my shit or not..

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Originally posted by aP@C

pretty self explainitory..BALL POINT PEN ONLY..

just thought it would be good to restate this cuz some of you seem to have missed it the first time..and im with ^^KEANU^^(whoa)..good shit for the most part..

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just doodling (scribling), not masterpieces.


this one actually has no likeness if you look at it to real structural facial anatomy..but it came out looking like some evil french clown looking at you. which i thought was amusing if anything, its actually quite embarrasing....but still fun for some reason.



this one is actually pretty old, about two years old. (/)


And this one, was being bored at a coffee shop, My girlfriend was all like "Yayyy im done." and I was looking for a word....Done became that word. And yes to the lucky guesser that is a lamp..I was goin to add some white to it, but never got around to it...just some bullshit scribbling.



I hope to have a portrait series done in the above fashion that should be halfway decent hopefully I will get them up here.


also, that does indeed say Choda Boy Cafe


Buenos nachos.

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BUAHAHA!!! kinda like that drawing you learn in elementary school of the guy leaning over in the shower to pick up soap, thats really a house with the sun and a rain bow over it?!!

no actually its a scribble sketch of some lamp at a deli, you cant see much of that in the scan, but I appreciate your interpretation. ;)

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