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The FAT Boys

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For some time now collectors and DJs have caused vintage vinyl of 80s Hip Hop to skyrocket in price. Except for Fat Boys records. The reason Fat Boys records are so superfluous isn’t simply because they’ve fallen from favor, it has as much to do with the massive amounts they sold, and more importantly, how prolific they were. Though they are remembered simply for their large bodies, they also produced a large body of work, bigger than most of their 80s Hip Hop contemporaries. The time has come to take a fresh look at that big body.





Mark Morales (Prince Markie Dee), Damon Wimbley (Kool Rock-Ski) and Darren Robinson (known alternately as The Human Beat Box, Buff Love, Buff and Buffy) were big-boned Brooklyn neighbors and schoolmates who spent their early high school years getting into mischievous trouble together, including getting kicked off the football team. Inspired to do something with themselves after witnessing a friend’s violent death, they focused on their music. While still in high school these three husky teens would fall into a fairytale situation in which their winning combination of creativity and youthful exuberance would collide with the shameless hucksterism of one of the first truly successful Hip Hop outsider-opportunists. The results would be sublimely absurd at times, resulting in some of the most authentic Hip Hop comedy on wax, stage and video. It would also at times be desperately pandering. Ultimately, the latter would sell more, but hopefully history will recall the former when the Book Of Fat Boys is read throughout the ages.



c71304l96xc.jpg P05104.JPGc71304l96xc.jpg





disorderlies.gif disorderlies.gif disorderlies.gif


DISORDERLIES featured the Fat Boys as variations on themselves This film has them working as inept orderlies at a New York old folk’s home. A gambling-debt addled heir to an ill millionaire decides to kill the old man by hiring the Fat Boys who will certainly do him in with their bumbling. Despite their best clumsy efforts, they manage to make Uncle Albert "young again" by under-medicating him, taking him rollerskating, putting an Asian hooker on his lap, and declaring, "Old people need to have fun, too!" The model for this Crass Ethnics Wreak Havoc On The Wealthy comedy is supposed to be the Three Stooges, and in case you didn’t remember that, every so often the movie awkwardly throws in some slapping or Stooges-style comic sound effects. These include some effects the Stooges overlooked, including the comical audio indicating nubile boob jiggling and the unmistakable creaky "boing" of an elderly man popping a rusty boner.


disorderlies.gif disorderlies.gif disorderlies.gif







The Fat Boys was one of the first tapes me and my bro bought when we were little....


<insert nostalgia here>



Good times....

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Guest imported_Europe

Dope thread, nice words and flicks.

Fat Boys were fun, I remember one of my first 12" was The Twist, haha...

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