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the secret life of luggage

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I have never lost luggage when traveling....and I never want to start...I keep locks on my shit...no ones gettin in...funny how I can pack 10 cans and never catch any flack for it...what if it was a bomb? oh well...good thing it isnt...

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Guest imported_Europe

Make sure you have extra insurance


Check an extra bag full of nothing


Claim it lost at your arrival


= Plenty money to spend on holiday.


If we are talking about real lost luggage, then its all about the Bangkok special... wonk saggin.

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speaking of planes and lluggage, i used to work for usps at the airport during xmas season, when all the xmas mail was coming thorugh. It's amazing that any mail goes where it s suppoesed to go. I got a new respect for employees of the post office whne i worked there. I understande why some of those mother fuckers go crazy andshoot shit up. Hectic. You know right aboiut now id like to appoligize for andy speelling or grammatical shit that has gone horribblte y wrong.... its drnk o klock. ''


Here is a good game to play. Send your homey $100 through the mail. MAke sure you sned it x press or overnight and get insurance on it. When your homey gets the $100 have him go to the post office and say he never got he money and you get a refund on the $100. You can do this back and forth forever in theory. Yeah. Is it just me or is that LOL smile realy annoying being so clpse in vistion.?


Skerrrrrrrt eat shti bitchessss

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Originally posted by seeking

on the science channel right now, theres a show where they tell you all about luggage that gets lost and shit. its surprisingly amusing. then again im surprisingly easily amused.


please explain the link betweeen lost luggage and the science channel......... actually, i should ask that to the people who produced the show:D


here's a picture of a guy messing with a turkey. holler.


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Guest imported_Europe

Jackson, no drugs on 12oz, thanks.


Its pretty common for luggagehandlers to tag the inside cargo areas of planes, most of them are killed with scibbles from all over the world... like bob said. There was even a little feature on it on one of these Airport-TVshows a few years back.

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