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if your white...read

cultural me

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two things come to mind right away:


why would any human being want to lesser themselves as she suggested men to to accomodate women? i think it would be near impossible for anybod to sustain that, and i think everybody should try to elevate themselves as people and not worry about whos ahead and behind.


and some of those white priveledges just dont matter, why would i care if my race was represented at a music store? amarica, for the most part, decides what goes and what doesnt in the media as far as music and mvies and such, so its going to be hard to overcome that.

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actually i'd like you to take a moment to find a quote of mine where i'm actually preaching. now the majority of what i say is sarcasm for the sake of pissing everyone off, so it has to be real preaching. i don't deny that i do preach at times, but i'm pretty sure you're basing that comment on the fact that i'm a sXe kid and nothing more.


note: merely discussing how i feel on a topic is not preaching. expression of an opinion is not preaching. i'm a very vocal person. saying i think i'm stronger/better/cooler/more sexy/whatever for being vegetarian/an asshole/straight edge/whatever labels i paste upon my ever lustful body is not preaching. saying directly that 'youre a worthless fuck for not being straight edge' is


i dare you to take this challenge. cuz i really think you're stepping unfairly at the moment

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and while we are on the subject of discrimination,lets talk about the way to end it.....affirmative action. THERE WE GO! FIGHT DISCRIMINATION WITH MORE DISCRIMINATION! tell me where the logic is in that?

here is an example.....you have student "A" that shows fair work ethic with a B+ high school average.His SAT scores are a little bit above average,but nothing too outstanding.he is African-American.

you have student "B" that throughout high school showed a great work ethic and had an A average.His SAT scores where well above average.He is Caucasian. So,should student "A" or "B" get accepted first into a college that both are applying for? it doesnt matter,because student "A" will get the first placement because he is and African-American. not because he was more qualified or showed more potential,but merely because of his skin-tone. this is happening today.....explain to me how this is not discrimination?

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It Ain't About Race Anymore


I'm as conservative as they come, and I am no racist. Racism is as old as humankind. As are unequal social conditions. The people you hear whining the most about how unfair it all is are the very people who enjoy and enforce the unequal social mileau. Wellesley, Smith, Byrn Mawr, Barnard, Mount Holyoke--these are all Ivy League schools that talk WORLDS OF SHIT about equality, justice, blah, blah, blah. They in fact are part and parcel of a system that THRIVES ON INEQUALITY. Radcliffe merged with Harvard years ago (about (1970-something, I think) and Vassar decided to admit men. So the Seven Sisters are really only five now.


These five "women only" schools are the very foundation of UPPER CLASS PRIVELEGE AND PREJUDICE AGAINST PEOPLE NOT OF THEIR SOCIAL CLASS.


How do you think some working class girl from a rural high school in West Virginia would fare among these mother fuckers? Not too well, I assure you.


Ignore liberals. They are stupid beyond belief. You are responsible for yourself. You are responsible for your own grades, your own success, your own happiness and your own social and political beliefs. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Do not blame any other race, do not blame any other nationality, do not blame ANYBODY. You are responsible. Not them.


If you cannot make the cut to get into a university, it is NOBODY'S FAULT BUT YOUR OWN. You need to apply yourself and study harder. Maybe you need to go to a junior college or a community college and study there for a year or two, and then transfer into a four-year university.


And for sure, you do not need to give up anything you have earned for anybody else's benefit. Let them earn it themselves, you don't owe anybody a thing. Take care of yourself, and let them take care of themselves. If you feel generous, good for you, but you are NOT under any obligation to sacrifice for somebody else. Be ready to defend yourself against predators, and concentrate on taking care of business for you and your family. Obey the law, do not harm other people, and earn your own living. Nobody can ask more of you than that.


Limosine liberals are full of shit. Don't let them make you feel guilty for being a regular, normal person. You notice this woman is still involved with Wellesley, right? The very epitome of undeserved, unearned privelege. Let her give up her priveleges. You hang on to what you've earned.

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