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true legends are made, not born !


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Sup my mad graffaz....heres some shit i flicked in the last month or so. I been seein more bombs lately and have been gettin mad flicks. Here are some of them. Hit me up if you want to trade. Im out for now. Bout to head down to the yard to get blunted andblow some shit the fuck up if ya know what i mean !?! PEACE. TTD reppin in the 2-double 0- three !





This bomb got me hella inspired when i saw it. Im feelin all the connections even though its kina small. I bombed some shit up in that style later that night.




I almost got arrested taking pictures of this bomb. I sat in the back of the pigs car for like an hour tellin that mutha fucka i didnt do shit but take a picture. fuckin pigs.




I couldnt read this bomb, but it is probably the dopest thing ive seen this year on a train. I took a close up so you can peep the inside designs. Not many niggaz can burn like that.




This shit was crazy cuz i did the same colors like a week before i saw this bomb. Pretty basic colors, but still pretty crazy.






the 2 bombs above were both on the same train and are hella old. I think they are from new york, possibly from the style wars era.





This is one the first bombs done in Bismarck. We didnt have much paint that night so we just burned hollow styles.




i see this taggers bombs quite a bit. ive probably flicked his bombs 20 times. ill post more next time. I was so blunted when i flicked this bomb i cant even remember taking the picture.




definitely feelin all the differenet painting techniques/styles on sones shit. the cracks and flare style background are mad old school, like some syle wars shit !




this one was on the other side of the SONE train above. Theres nothing doper than finding bombs on both sides of the same boxcar, especially if they are all burners.




This is the new spot our crews been blowin up. we call it the chiller spot cuz thats all they get are 'CHILLERZ". We burned all of these that weekend, but that aint shit compared to what we got comin. TTD aint goin down like that on the real !

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its gotta be...but just in case its not JESUS CHRIST PLEASE STAY OFF THOSE CRYO-TRANS AND FREEZER CARS!!!!! They already buff those things like crazy without horrible disgusting putrid fucking shitty crap like that all over them.

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Guest mikro137
Originally posted by blahblahblah

i love these posts....


fa real these are some of the best posts ever



ps keep doin those bombs , theyre fresh dope silly crunk.

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