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im in a gang biotch


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crave - interesting, however, most lack any artistic value what so ever.





do you people understand that these ARENT GRAFFITI WRITERS?!?

you ignorant ass cornfed suburban dickheads.

theyre not putting this shit up to impress you guys. and this has nothing to do with the little white kids down the block. plus this is where a lot of the westcoast style came...

oh yeah... gangsters kill people, you type shit on a computer screen

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ahhh those mexican girls with those big ass tits in those short skimpy tops...fuuuuuuuck--yo count me in mang. For real though these El Salvadoran fuckers over here in LI are some insane little spics man..shootin and stabbin each other on a regular basis, a bunch of senseless shit really.Niggas play soccer with each other and end up stabbin the goalie and shit. El Salvadoran pride!:rolleyes: what?

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how can you faggots say this has no style.....cholo writing is fucking dope, none of you faggots could rep this shit


and i GARUNFUCKINGTEE that if any of you cornballs who are talking shit ran across these cats while they were painting this you wouldnt say shit about it being whack


fuck art nerds

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the best is when you come across a XXIV tag out in the middle of nowhere at freeway stops...

-That Mexican Pride tatoo shit is hot!!


you have to respect these guys for the balls they have, they do this shit at like 3 in the afternoon, just have a buddy post. plus they gotta worry about fools ridin up on them and blastin, just for catchin tags...

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