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THEY REMINISCE OVER 12OZ (part like, 800)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Guest imported_Tesseract

umm, one things for sure..memory is selective...


Beardo's saturday night posts


Mental Invalid's weekly astrology


Mamerro's family


Browners politicart threads.


zesto's handmade thread.


fr8o's HOT OR NOT threads.


ese's photography.


Some nice Nerds® threads and a line up of collabo's


theres more

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Originally posted by Smart

as far as post count vs. comedy, probably MeroSeis.


rememebr the story about his boy comin all quick...and the chick taped it the second time?! aaaaaaaaa!




...and the non-hetero story about him and his wife in the restaurant...she hadda buy him new pants, shoes, the whole nine!


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What was that section called where only the moderators can go to?


Wink and her daisy dukes.


The FIRST "what do you think ___ looks like?" thread by Mes3.


Edmo's picture is the best thing that has ever happened on 12oz prophet.


Seym was a dope guy. He left because people were being ignorant idiots. I don't blame him.


Also, Mes3's action flick of a red/pink piece she did back in 2000. Probably one of the first chicks on the board to do a decent piece. Fools were droooooooling!


Nuke's action flick. I called him Charlie from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.


Ouija vs Darkoner

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wink looked goooooooooood though. give a fuck....ill do her name for her for some of that ass.....



what you fools dont remember me and gnes37 driving seeking to ban me for fucking with his posts.


dude.....i owe you one. i seriously had soooooooo much fun doing that.

my bad.

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i remember when i was tellin Mes I had fourty ounces and condoms on fucking her.


and she said "youd have sex with a four foot burnvictim"


and i was like...yeah


and she was like....damn thats pretty hard up dude.



shit....four foot burnvictims need love to.

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