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Dick Quickwood

Talk to me about digital cameras.

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my 35mm camera got broken, and its time to get a new one. i want to get a cheap digital camera, but i dont know shit about them.


can you get prints like regular photos ?

do all digital cameras use the same kind of cables to connect to shit ?

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im looking on ebay and it always "xxx by xxx" pixel resolution. whats the difference in that and megapixels ?

how many megapixels would 320 by 240 resolution be ?

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i have a fuji finepix and if it wasnt free i would be complaining

therefore if you buy a cheap camera you will be complaining

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as long as you get at least two mega pixels, it should be cool. everything above two mega pixels - maybe if you plan on printing up huge pics or are some sort of graphic artsy fartsy.

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hevs " buying electronics rule of thumbs":


if your gonna buy a camera, do it right, dont buy something cheap just to get by.

Save, beg, borrow, or steal to get the doe to do it right.

Don't go below 3mega pixels. Eventually you may want to print them or get them

printed. 3 mega pixels will give you s Good 4/5 print and a decent 8/11( or close).

You also want to avoid getting something that will be obsolete (sp?) in a month or

two; because then itll be hard to get driver updates and so on.


You also want to consider what your gonna use it for.

Carry anywhere, ( pocket style)

Bring on illegal missions (getting an expensive camera jacked casue you got bagged sux)

Only on special and safe occasions.

so on..


Hev has a canon power shot s400 its a bit pricy but its real nice a lil larger than a pack of smokes, you can take good flicks of people or wht ever undercover spy



fyi: ***by***; like means you flicks will be like ***pixels by ***pixels. your really

don't want your max resolution to be below 1152/870 that way you can scale them down if need be. but you can never scale and image up. so if its 640/480; thats the best itll ever be.

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